Naum 1

1 The oracle of Nineveh. The book of the vision of Nahum the Elkoshite:

2 Jehovah is a zealous God requiring exclusive devotion tolerates no rivals. Jehovah takes vengeance punishment against his adversaries. He reserves maintains wrath indignationdispleasure against his enemies.

3 Jehovah is slow to anger, and great in power! He will by no means reprieve the guilty leave them unpunished. Jehovah has his way in the whirlwind and in the storm. The clouds are the dust of his feet.

4 He rebukes the sea, and makes it dry. He dries up all the rivers. Bashan and Carmel become dry and the flower of Lebanon withers.

5 The mountains quake because of him, and the hills melt. The earth trembles shakesheaves at his presence, yes, the world, and all that dwells in it.

6 Who can stand before his indignation displeasure? Who can resist withstandendure the heat of his anger? His wrath is poured out like fire, and the rocks are broken to pieces by him.

7 Jehovah is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble! He knows protectstakes care of those who take refuge in him.

8 He will exterminate adversaries with an over flowing flood and will pursue his enemies into darkness.

9 What do you fabricate impute against Jehovah? He will exterminate it! Affliction will not rise up a second time.

10 Entangled like thorns and drunken from drink, they are consumed like dry stubble.

11 There is one who comes out from you O Nineveh. He counsels wickedness and devises evil against Jehovah.

12 Jehovah declares: »Though they are strong and are many they will be destroyed! They will pass away. Though I have afflicted you O Judah I will not afflict you any more.

13 »I will break their yoke off of you. I will remove your restraint.

14 »Jehovah has given command concerning you Nineveh. Your name will no longer be perpetuated. I will throw your gods, graven and molten images out of your house. I despise you! You are contemptible! I will prepare your grave.

15 »Behold, upon the mountains the feet of him who brings good tidings. Who publishes peace! Keep your feasts, O Judah and perform your vows! The wicked will no more pass through invade you. They will be completely destroyed.«