Números 15

1 Jehovah said to Moses:

2 Speak to the Israelites and tell them: »Once you are settled in the land I am giving you,

3 you must bring offerings by fire to Jehovah. They may be burnt offerings or any other kind of sacrifice. They may be offered to fulfill a vow, as a freewill offering, or as one of your festival offerings. They may be cattle, sheep, or goats. These are offerings that are a soothing pleasantrestful aroma to Jehovah.

4 »Whoever presents the offering must also give Jehovah a grain offering of eight cups of flour mixed with one quart of oil.

5 »With each sheep or goat for the burnt offering or any other sacrifice, also give an offering of one quart of wine.

6 »With a ram, give a grain offering of sixteen cups of flour mixed with one and one quarter quarts of oil

7 and an offering of one and one quarter quarts of wine. Offer them as a soothing aroma to Jehovah.

8 »When you sacrifice a young bull as a burnt offering to Jehovah or make any other kind of sacrifice to keep a vow or as a fellowship offering.

9 »Offer with the young bull a grain offering of twenty-four cups of flour mixed with two quarts of oil.

10 »Also give an offering of two quarts of wine. It is an offering by fire, a soothing aroma to Jehovah.

11 »Do this for each bull, each ram, and each sheep or goat.

12 »Do it for each animal, however many you sacrifice.

13 »All native-born Israelites must do it this way when they bring an offering by fire, a soothing aroma to Jehovah.

14 »Make a food offering, an odor that pleases Jehovah. If foreigners live among you, whether on a temporary or a permanent basis, they are to observe the same regulations.

15 »For all time to come, the same rules are binding on you and on the foreigners who live among you. You and they are alike in Jehovah’s sight.

16 »The same laws and regulations apply to you and to them.«

17 Jehovah gave Moses

18 the following regulations for the people of Israel. They are to observe them in the land he was going to give them.

19 »When any food produced there is eaten, some of it is to be set aside as a special contribution to Jehovah.

20 »When you bake bread, the first loaf of the first bread made from the new grain is to be presented as a special contribution to Jehovah. This is to be presented in the same way as the special contribution you make from the grain you thresh.

21 »For all time to come, this special gift is to be given to Jehovah from the bread you bake.

22 »Suppose someone unintentionally fails to keep some of these regulations Jehovah gave Moses.

23 »Also suppose that in the future the congregation fails to do everything Jehovah commanded through Moses.

24 »If the mistake was made because of the ignorance of the congregation, they are to offer a bull as a burnt offering, an odor that pleases Jehovah. Use the proper grain offering and wine offering. In addition, they are to offer a male goat as a sin offering.

25 »The priest will perform the ritual of purification for the congregation. They will be forgiven since the mistake was unintentional and they brought their sin offering as a food offering to Jehovah

26 »The whole congregation of Israel and the foreigners living among them will be forgiven, because everyone was involved in the mistake.

27 »If any of you sin unintentionally, you should offer a one-year-old female goat as a sin offering.

28 »The priest shall perform the ritual of purification at the altar to purify you from your sin. You will be forgiven.

29 »The same regulation applies to all who unintentionally commit a sin, whether they are native Israelites or resident foreigners.

30 »Any who sin deliberately, natives or foreigners, are guilty of treating Jehovah with contempt. They shall be put to death.

31 »They have rejected what Jehovah said and have deliberately broken one of his commandments. They are responsible for their own death.«

32 One time, while the Israelites were still in the wilderness, a man was found gathering firewood on the Sabbath.

33 He was taken to Moses, Aaron, and the whole congregation.

34 They held him in custody until they decided what to do with him.

35 Jehovah said to Moses: »This man must be put to death. The whole congregation must take him outside the camp and stone him.«

36 So the whole congregation took him outside the camp and stoned him to death, as Jehovah commanded Moses.

37 Jehovah said to Moses:

38 Speak to the Israelites and tell them: »For generations to come they must wear tassels on the corners of their clothes. Each tassel should have violet threads.

39 »When you look at the threads in the tassel, you will remember all Jehovah’s commandments and obey them. Then you will not do whatever you want and go after whatever you see, as if you were chasing after prostitutes.

40 »You will remember to obey all my commandments. You will be holy to your God.

41 »I am Jehovah your God, who brought you out of Egypt to be your God. I am Jehovah your God!«