1 Coríntios 11

1 Become imitators of me,even as, I also, of Christ.

2 Now I praise you, that, in all things, ye have me in remembrance, and, even as I delivered unto you the instructions, ye hold them fast.

3 But I wish you to knowthat, the head of every man, is, the Christ, and, the head of a woman, is, the man; and, the head of the Christ, is, God.

4 Every man, praying, or prophesying, having anything upon his head, putteth to shame his head;

5 But, every woman, praying, or prophesying, with her head, unveiled, putteth to shame her head,for it is, one and the same, with her having been shaven.

6 For, if a woman doth not veil herself, let her also be shorn; but, if it were a shame in a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be veiled.

7 For, a man, indeed, ought not to be veiling his head, being, the image and glory of God,but, the woman, is the glory of man;

8 For, man, is not, of woman, but, woman, of man;

9 For also man was not created, for the sake of the woman, but woman, for the sake of the man.

10 For this cause, ought the woman to have, permission, upon her head, because of the messengers.

11 Howbeit, neither is woman apart from man, nor man apart from womanin the Lord;

12 For, just as the woman is of the man, so, also the man, is through means of the woman;but, all things, are of God.

13 Among your own selves, judge ye,Is it becoming for a woman,unveiled, to be praying unto God?

14 Doth not, even nature herself, teach youthat, if, a man, have long hair, it is a dishonour to him;

15 But, if, a woman, have long hair, it is a glory to her, for, her long hair, instead of a veil, hath been given to her.

16 But, if anyone thinketh to be contentious, we, have no such custom,nor yet the assemblies of God.

17 But, in giving you the following charge, I praise you not,in that, not for the better, but for the worse, ye come together.

18 For, first of all,when ye come together in assembly, I hear that divisions among you exist,and, in part, I believe it;

19 For there must needs be, even parties among you, that, the approved, themselves may become manifest among you.

20 When, therefore, ye come together into one place, it is not to eat, a supper unto the Lord;

21 For, each one, taketh beforehand, his own supper, in your eating, and, one, indeed, is hungry, whereas, another, is drinking to excess.

22 What! have ye not houses for your eating and drinking? or, the assembly of God, do ye despise, and, put to shame them who have nothing? What am I to say to you? Shall I praise you? In this, I praise you not.

23 For, I myself, received from the Lordthat which I also delivered unto you,how that, the Lord Jesus, in the night in which he was being delivered up, took a loaf,

24 And, giving thanks, brake it, and saidThis, is my body, which is for you,this, do ye, in remembrance of me;

25 In the same manner, the cup also, after they had taken supper, sayingThis cup, is, the new covenant in my blood, this, do ye, as often soever as ye may be drinking it, in remembrance of me.

26 For, as often as ye may be eating this loaf, and, the cup, may be drinking, The death of the Lord, do ye announce, until he come.

27 So that, whosoever may be eating the loaf, or drinking the cup of the Lord, in an unworthy manner, shall be responsible for the body and blood of the Lord.

28 But let a man be proving himself,and, so, of the loaf, let him eat, and, of the cup, let him drink;

29 For, he that is eating and drinking,judgment unto himself, doth eat and drink,if he be not setting apart the body.

30 For this cause, many among you are weak and sickly; and, not a few, are falling asleep.

31 If, however, we had been setting, ourselves, apart, we had not, in that case, been coming under judgment;

32 But, being brought under judgment, by the Lord, are we being disciplined, lest, with the world, we should be condemned.

33 So then, my brethren,when ye come together for the eating, unto one another, be giving welcome:

34 If anyone be hungry, at home, let him eat, lest, unto judgment, ye be coming together. And, the remaining things, whensoever I come, I will set in order.