Naum 2

1 He that breaketh in pieces hath come up over thy face, Keep the keeps,watch the way, brace the loins, make vigour very firm.

2 For Yahweh hath restored the excellency of Jacob, like the excellency of Israel,for the plunderers have plundered them, and, their vine branches, have they marred.

3 The shield of his heroes, is made red, the men of war, are clad in crimson, on fire, are the chariot-steels, on the day he maketh ready,and, the lances, are put in motion.

4 In the streets, madly go the chariots, they rush along in the broadways,their appearance, is like torches, as lightnings, hither and thither do they run.

5 Let him call to mind his nobles, they shall stumble as they golet them hasten to her wall, yet the storming cover, is prepared.

6 The gates of the rivers, have been opened,and, the palace, doth quake.

7 And, Huzzab, hath been taken captivehath been led up,and, her handmaids, are making a moan like the sound of doves, as they taber upon their heart.

8 Yet, as for Nineveh, like a reservoir of waters, are her waters,but, those men, are in flight! Stand! stand!! but no one is turning.

9 Plunder silver, plunder gold,and there is no end to the costly furnishing, rich with every article of delight.

10 Emptiness, yea turned to emptiness, aye deserted

11 Where is the lair of the lions? Yea the very feeding-place of the young lions,where walked the lion, the lioness, the lions whelp, with none to make them afraid?

12 The lion, used to tear in pieces enough for his whelps, and to strangle for his lionesses,and then fill with prey his holes, and his lairs with what he had torn.

13 Behold me! against thee, Declareth Yahweh of hosts, Therefore will I burn up in smoke her chariots, and, thy young lions, shall be devoured by the sword,so will I cut off, out of the earth, thy prey, nor shall be heard any more, the voice of thine envoy.