1 Coríntios 7

1 Now, concerning the things whereof ye wrote, it were, good, for a man, not to touch, a woman;

2 But, on account of fornications, let, each man, have, his own wife, and, each woman, have, her own husband:

3 Unto the wife, let the husband render what is her due, and, in like manner, the wife also, unto the husband,

4 The wife, over her own body, hath not authority, but the husband, and, in like manner, the husband also, over his own body, hath not authority, but the wife.

5 Be not depriving one anotherunless perhaps by consent for a season, that ye may have leisure for prayer, and, again, may be together,lest Satan be tempting you by reason of your want of self-control.

6 This, however I am saying, by way of concession, not of injunction;

7 Besides, I desire all men to be, even as myself,but, each one, hath his, personal, gift from God, one, after this manner, and, another, after that.

8 But I say, to the unmarried, and to the widows, good, were it for them, that they should abide, even as I;

9 But, if they have not self-control, let them marry, for, better, is it, to marry than to burn.

10 To the married, however, I give chargenot, I, but the Lord,that, a wife, from her husband, do not depart,

11 But, if she should even depart, let her remain unmarried, or, to her husband, be reconciled; and let not, a husband, leave, his wife.

12 But, unto the rest, say, Inot the Lord,if, any brother, hath, a wife that believeth not, and, she, is well pleased to dwell with him, let him not leave her;

13 And, a woman who hath a husband that believeth not, and, he, is well pleased to dwell with her, let her not leave her husband;

14 For the husband that believeth not is hallowed in the wife, and the wife that believeth not is hallowed in the brother: else were, your children, impure, but, now, are they, pure.

15 But, if, the unbelieving, departeth, let him depart: the brother or the sister hath not come into bondage, in such cases, but, in peace, hath God called us.

16 For how knowest thou, O woman, whether, thy husband, thou shalt save? Or how knowest thou, O man, whether, thy wife, thou shalt save?

17 If notas the Lord hath distributedunto each one, as God hath called, each one, so, let him be walking;and, so, in all the assemblies, I ordain.

18 After being circumcised, was any called? let him not become uncircumcised; in uncircumcision, hath any been called? let him not be circumcised:

19 The circumcision, is, nothing, and, the uncircumcision, is, nothing,but keeping the commandments of God.

20 Each one, in the calling wherein he was called, in the same, let him abide:

21 A bond-servant, wast thou called? let it not cause thee concern; but, if thou canst even become, free, rather use it.

22 For, he who in the Lord was called, being a bond-servant, is, a freed-man of the Lord: in like manner, he that was called being, a freeman, is Christs bond-servant:

23 With a price, have ye been bought,do not become bond-servants of men:

24 Each one, wherein he was called, brethren, in the same, let him abide with God.

25 But, concerning them who are virgin, injunction of the Lord, have I none; yet, a judgment, do I give, as one who hath obtained mercy from the Lord to be, faithful:

26 I consider this, then, to be, good, in the circumstances, by reason of the existing distress,that it is, good for a man, so, to be:

27 Hast thou become bound to a wife? do not seek to be loosed; hast thou become loosed from a wife? do not seek a wife.

28 If, however, thou shouldst even marry, thou hast not sinned; and, if one who is virgin should marry, that one hath not sinned;but, tribulation of the flesh, shall, such, have:howbeit, I, spare you.

29 But, this, I saythe opportunity is, contracted for what remainethin order that, they who have wives, may be, as though they had none,

30 And, they who weep, as though they wept not, and, they who rejoice, as though they rejoiced not, and, they who buy, as though they possessed not,

31 And, they who use the world, as though they used it not to the full,for the fashion of this world passeth away;

32 And I desire you to be, without anxiety:the unmarried man, is anxious for the things of the Lord, how he may please the Lord;

33 But, he that hath married, is anxious for the things of the world, how may please his wife

34 And he is divided; and, the unmarried woman, or the virgin, is anxious for the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in her body and in her spirit; but, she that hath married, is anxious for the things of the world, how she may please her husband.

35 This, however, with a view to your own profit, am I saying,not that, a snare, upon you, I may cast, but with a view to what is comely, and devoted unto the Lord, without distraction.

36 If however anyone considereth it behaving unseemly towards his virginity, if he should be beyond the bloom of life,and, thus, it ought to come about, what he chooseth, let him do,he sinneth not: let them marry:

37 But, he that standeth in his heart, steadfast, having no necessity, but hath authority concerning his own will, and, this, hath determined in his own heart,to preserve his own virginity, well shall he do.

38 So that, he that giveth in marriage his own virginity, doeth, well; and, he that giveth it not, shall do, better.

39 A wife, is bound for as long a time as her husband is living; but, if the husband have fallen asleep, she is, free, to be married unto whom she pleaseth,only, in the Lord;

40 But, happier, is she, if, so, she remain,in my judgment; for I think, I also, have the Spirit of God.