Neemias 4

1 But it came to pass, when Sanballat heard that we were building the wall, it angered him, and he was greatly displeased,and mocked the Jews;

2 and spake before his brethren, and the army of Samaria, and said, What are, these feeble Jews, doing? will they fortify themselves? will they sacrifice? will they make an end in a day? will they bring to life the stones out of the heaps of dust, when, they, have been burned up?

3 Now, Tobiah the Ammonite, was beside him,so he said, Even that which they are building, if a fox should go up, he would break down their stone wall!

4 Hear, O our God, for we have become a contempt, and turn thou back their reproach upon their own head,and give them up as a prey, in the land of captivity;

5 and do not cover their iniquity, and, their sin before thee, let it not be blotted out,for they have caused vexation before them who are building.

6 So we built the wall, and all the wall was finished unto the half thereof,-and the people had a mind to work.

7 But it came to pass, when Sanballat and Tobiah and the Arabians and the Ammonites and the Ashdodites heard that the repair of the walls of Jerusalem had gone up, that the breaches began to be stopped, that it angered them exceedingly;

8 and they conspired, all of them together, to come, to fight against Jerusalem,and to cause it harm;

9 howbeit we prayed unto our God,and set a watch against them, day and night, because of them.

10 Then said Judah, The strength of the burden-bearer faileth, and, the rubbish, aboundeth,and, we, are not able to build at the wall;

11 and our adversaries have said, They shall not know, neither shall they see, until we come into their midst, and slay them,so shall we cause the work to cease.

12 But it came to pass, when the Jews dwelling near them came in, then said they unto us, ten times, From all places whither ye shall turn, upon us!

13 So I seton the lower slopes of the place behind the wall in the waste grounds,yea I set the people, by their families, with their swords, their spears and their bows.

14 Then I looked and rose up, and saidunto the nobles and unto the deputies and unto the rest of the people, Do not ye fear because of them,the great and fearful Lord, remember ye, so shall ye fight for your brethren, your sons and your daughters, your wives, and your houses.

15 And it came to pass, when our enemies heard that it was known to us, and that God had overturned their counsel, then returned we, all of us, unto the wall, every man unto his work.

16 And it came to pass, from that day, the half of my young men, were working in the work, and, the half of them, were grasping the spears, the bucklers, and the bows, and the coats of mail,but, the rulers, were behind all the house of Judah.

17 They who were building at the wall and they who were carrying burdens, they who were lifting, , with his one hand, was working at the work, and, with the other, was grasping the weapon.

18 Even they who were building, every man, had his sword girded upon his loins, and so was building,and, he that sounded the horn, was by my side.

19 So I said unto the nobles and unto the deputies, and unto the rest of the people, The work, is great and large,and, we, are separated upon the wall, far away, each man from his brother:

20 In what place soever ye shall hear the sound of the horn, thither, gather yourselves unto us,our God, will fight for us.

21 So, we, were working at the work,one half of them, grasping the spears, from the uprisings of the dawn, until the coming out of the stars.

22 Moreover, at that time, I said to the people, Let, every one with his young man, lodge for the night in the midst of Jerusalem,so shall they serve us, in the night, as a watch, and, the day, for work.

23 So neither I, nor my brethren, nor my young men, nor the men of the watch that followed me, none of us, put off our clothes,every one