1 Timóteo 3

1 If anyone, for oversight, is eager, a noble work, doth he covet:

2 It is needful, then, for, the overseer, to be irreproachable, a husband, of one wife, sober, of sound mind, orderly, hospitable, apt in teaching,

3 Not given to wine, not ready to wound, but considerate, averse to contention, not fond of money,

4 Over his own house, presiding, well, having, children, in submission, with all dignity;

5 Whereas, if anyone, over his own house, cannot, preside, how, of an assembly of God, shall he take care?

6 Not a new convert, lest, being beclouded, into the sentence of the adversary, he fall;

7 It is needful, moreover, to have, an honourable testimony also, from them who are without, lest, into reproach, he fall, and the snare of the adversary.

8 Ministers, in the same way,dignified, not double-tongued, not, to much wine, given, not greedy of base gain,

9 Holding the sacred secret of the faith in a pure conscience;

10 But let, these also, be proved first, then, let them be ministering, being, unaccusable:

11 Wives, in the same way,dignified, not given to intrigue, sober, faithful in all things.

12 Let, ministers, be husbands of, one wife, over children, presiding, well, and over their own houses;

13 For, they who have ministered well, a good degree for themselves, are acquiring, and great freedom of speech in the faith that is in Christ Jesus.

14 These things, unto thee, I am writing, hoping to come unto thee shortly,

15 But, if I should tarry, that thou mayest knowhow it behoveth, in a house of God, to behave oneself,the which, is an assembly a of a Living God, a pillar and basement of the truth;

16 And, confessedly great, is the sacred secret of godliness,Who was made manifest in flesh, was declared righteous in spirit, was made visible unto messengers, was proclaimed among nations, was believed on in the world, was taken up in glory.