1 Timóteo 4

1 Howbeit, the Spirit, expressly saiththat, in later seasons, some will revolt from the faith, giving heed unto seducing spirits, and unto teachings of demons

2 in hypocrisy, speaking falsehood, cauterised in their own conscience,

3 Forbidding to marry, to abstain from foods which, God, created to be received with thanksgiving by them who believe and personally know the truth;

4 Because, every creature of God, is good, and nothing to be cast away, if, with thanksgiving, it be received,

5 For it is hallowed by the word of God and intercession,

6 These things, submitting to the brethren, thou shall be, a noble, minister of Christ Jesus, nourishing thyself with the words of the faith, and of the noble teaching which thou hast closely studied.

7 But, from the profane and old-wives stories, excuse thyself, and be training thyself unto godliness;

8 For, the bodily training, for little, is profitable, whereas, godliness, for all things is profitable,having, promise, of lifethe present and the coming.

9 Faithful, the saying! and, of all acceptance, worthy;

10 For, to this end, are we toiling and contending, because we have set our hope on a Living God, Who is Saviour of all menspecially, of such as believe.

11 Be giving these things in charge, and be teaching:

12 Let, no one, despise, thy youth, but, an ensample, become thou of the faithful,in discourse, in behaviour, in love, in faith, in chastity.

13 While I am coming, be giving heedto the reading, to the exhorting, to the teaching:

14 Be not careless of the gift of favour, that is in thee, which was given thee through means of prophesying, along with a laying on of the hands of the eldership.

15 These things, be thy care, in these things, be thou, that, thine advancement, may be, manifest, unto all:

16 Be giving heed to thyself, and to thy teaching,abide still in them; for, this doing, both, thyself, shalt thou save, and them that hearken to thee.