2 Coríntios 2

1 For I have determined, unto myself, thisnot, again, in grief, to come unto you.

2 For, if, I, grieve you, who then is he that is to gladden me,save he who is being grieved through me;

3 And I wrote this very thinglest, if I came, I should have, grief, from those over whom I had need to rejoice,having confidence in you all, that, my joy, is the joy, of you all.

4 For, out of much tribulation and anguish of heart, wrote I unto you, through many tears,not that ye might be grieved, but that, the love, ye might know, which I have very abundantly unto you.

5 Now, if anyone hath caused grief, not unto me hath he caused grief, butthat I may not bear too heavilyunto you all.

6 Sufficient, unto such a one, the punishment itself which by the many;

7 So that, on the contrary, ye should forgive and encourage, lest, by any means, by his excessive grief, such a one should be swallowed up.

8 Wherefore, I beseech you, assure him, of love;

9 For, to this end, I also wrote,that I might know the proof of you, whether, in all things, ye are obedient.

10 Now, to whom ye forgive anything, I, also; for, I also, what I have forgiven, if, anything, I have forgiven, for your sake, in the person of Christ, .

11 Lest we should be overreached by Satan, for, of his thoughts, we are not ignorant.

12 Moreover, although I came unto Troas for the glad-message of the Christ, and a door for me had been opened in the Lord,

13 I had no relief in my spirit, because I found not Titus my brother; but, taking my leave of them, I came away into Macedonia.

14 But, unto God, be thanks, who, ever, leadeth us in triumph in the Christ, and, the fragrance of the knowledge of him, maketh manifest, through us, in every place,

15 That, of Christ, a grateful odour, are we, unto God,in them who are being saved, and in them who are being lost:

16 In these, indeed, a fragrance out of death into death, but, in those, a fragrance out of life into life. And, for these things, who is sufficient?

17 For we are not, as the many, driving a petty trade with the word of God; but, as of sincerity, but, as of God, before God, in Christ, we speak.