2 Samuel 11

1 And it came to pass, at the return of the year, at the time of the going forth of kings, that David sent Joab, and his servants with him, and all Israel, and they destroyed the sons of Ammon, and laid siege to Rabbah,but, David, was remaining in Jerusalem.

2 And it came to pass that, at eventide, David arose from his couch, and walked to and fro on the roof of the kings house, when, from the roof, he saw a woman bathing herself,the woman being exceeding beautiful to look upon.

3 And David sent and enquired after the woman,and one saidIs not, this, Bath-sheba, daughter of Eliam, wife of Uriah the Hittite?

4 And David sent messengers, and fetched her, and she came in unto him, and he lay with her, she having purified herself from her uncleanness,and she returned unto her own house.

5 And the woman, having conceived, sent and told David, and said, I am with child.

6 Then sent David unto Joab, Send unto me Uriah the Hittite. So Joab sent Uriah unto David.

7 And, when Uriah had come in unto him, David askedhow Joab prospered, and how the people prospered, and how the war prospered.

8 Then said David unto Uriah, Go down unto thy house, and bathe thy feet. And, when Uriah went out of the house of the king, there followed him, a present from the king.

9 But Uriah slept at the entrance of the kings house, with all the servants of his lord,and went not down unto his own house.

10 And it was told David, saying, Uriah went not down, unto his own house. So David said unto UriahWas it not, from a journey, thou didst come? why, then, hast thou not been down unto thine own house?

11 And Uriah said unto DavidThe ark, and Israel and Judah, are dwelling in huts and, my lord Joab, and the servants of my lord, on the face of the field, are encamped, Was, I, then, to enter my own house, to eat and to drink and to lie with my wife? By thy life, yea by the life of thy soul, I could not do this thing.

12 Then said David unto UriahAbide here to-day also, and, to-morrow, will I let thee go. So Uriah abode in Jerusalem that day, and the morrow.

13 And David called him, and he did eat before him, and drank, and he made him drunk,and he went forth in the evening to lie down on his bed, with the servants of his lord, but, unto his own house, went he not down.

14 And so it was, in the morning, that David wrote a letter unto Joab,and sent it by the hand of Uriah;

15 and he wrote in the letter, saying,Set ye Uriah in the forefront of the hottest battle, and retire ye from him, that he be smitten and die.

16 So it came to pass, when Joab was laying siege to the city, that he put Uriah in the place where he knew that the men of valour, were.

17 And forth sallied the men of the city, and fought with Joab, and there fell some of the people, of the servants of David,then died also, Uriah the Hittite.

18 So Joab sent and told David all the news of the battle;

19 and he charged the messenger saying,When thou hast ended all the news of the battle, in speaking unto the king,

20 then shall it be, if the kings anger arise, and he say unto thee, Why came ye near unto the city, to fight? Knew ye not, that they would shoot from off the wall?

21 Who smote Abimelech son of Jerubbaal? Did not, a woman, cast on him an upper millstone from off the wall, that he died, in Thebez? Wherefore came ye near unto the wall? Then shalt thou sayMoreover, thy servant, Uriah the Hittite, died.

22 And the messenger went his way,and came in, and told David, all that Joab had sent him .

23 And the messenger said unto David, The men were too strong for us, and sallied forth against us, in the field,so we were drawn against them as far as the opening of the gate.

24 Then did the archers shoot upon thy servants, from off the wall, and there died some of the servants of the king,moreover also, thy servant, Uriah the Hittite, died.

25 Then said David unto the messengerThus, shalt thou say unto Joab,Let not this thing be grievous in thine eyes, for, now this one, and then that one, doth the sword devour,make hot thy battle against the city, and overthrow it; Thus embolden thou him.

26 And, when Uriahs wife heard that Uriah her husband was dead, she made loud lamentation over her lord.

27 And, when the time of mourning had passed, David sent and received her into his house, and she became his wife, and bare him a son. But the thing which David had done was wicked in the eyes of Yahweh.