Atos 24

1 And, after five days, came down the High-priest Ananias, with certain Elders and a certain orator Tertullus, and they informed the governor against Paul.

2 And, when he was called, Tertullus began to make accusation, sayingSeeing that, great peace, we are obtaining through thee, and that, reforms, are being brought about for this nation through thy forethought,

3 both in all ways and in all places, are we accepting it, most excellent Felix, with all thankfulness.

4 But, lest I too long detain thee, I beseech thee to hear us concisely in thy considerateness.

5 For, finding this man a pest, and moving sedition with all the Jews that are throughout the inhabited earth, a leader also of the sect of the Nazarenes,

6 who also attempted to desecrate even, the temple, whom we also seized,

8 from whom thou shall be able, thyself, by making examination concerning all these things, to ascertain the things of which, we, are accusing him.

9 Moreover, the Jews also were joining in the attack, saying that, these things, were, so.

10 And Paul answered, when the governor had motioned him to be speaking,Well knowing thee to have been, for many years, judge unto his nation, cheerfully, as to the things concerning myself, do I make defence;

11 seeing thou art able to ascertain, that there are, not more, than twelve days, since I went up to worship in Jerusalem,

12 and neither, in the temple, found they me, with any one, disputing, or causing, a halt, of the multitude, either in the synagogues or throughout the city,

13 neither can they make good the things concerning which they are, now, accusing me.

14 But I confess, this, unto thee,That, according to the Way which they call a Sect, so, I am rendering divine service unto my fathers God, believing in all the things which, throughout the law, and those which, in the prophets, are written:

15 Having, hope, towards God, which, even these themselves, do entertainthat, a resurrection, there shall certainly be, both of righteous and of unrighteous:

16 herein, even I, myself, am studying to have, an unoffending conscience, towards God and men, continually.

17 Now, after many years, intending to do, alms, unto my nation, I arrived,also offerings; among which they found me, purified in the temple, not with a multitude, nor with tumult;

18 but certain Jews from Asia ,

19 who ought, before thee, to have presented themselves, and to have been laying accusation, if, anything, they might have had against me:

20 Or, let, these themselves, say what wrong they found, when I stood before the High-council,

21 unless concerning this one voice, wherewith I cried aloud among them, as I stoodConcerning the raising of the dead, am, I, to be judged, this day, by you.

22 And Felix deferred them, having more exact knowledge concerning the Way,sayingAs soon as, Lysias the captain, hath come down, I will give judgment as to your affairs,

23 giving orders unto the centurion, that he should be kept, and have a measure of liberty, and to be hindering, none, of his own from waiting upon him.

24 And, after certain days, Felix having arrived, with Drusilla his own wife, who was, a Jewess, he sent for Paul, and heard him concerning the faith, respecting Christ Jesus.

25 And, as he was reasoning of righteousness, and self-control, and the judgment to come, Felix, becoming greatly afraid, answeredFor the present, be going thy way, and, when I find an opportunity, I will send for thee,

26 at the same time, also hoping that, money, would be given him by Paul; wherefore also, the more frequently sending for him, he used to converse with him.

27 When, however, two years, were completed, Felix, was succeeded, by Porcius Festus, and Felix, wishing to gain favour with the Jews, left Paul bound.