Filipenses 1

1 Paul and Timothy, servants of Jesus Christ,unto all the saints in Christ Jesus who are in Philippi, with overseers and ministers:

2 Favour unto you, and peace, from God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ.

3 I am giving thanks unto my God, on occasion of all my remembrance of you,

4 At all times, in every supplication of mine, in behalf of you all, with joy, my supplication, making,

5 On account of your contribution unto the glad-message, from the first day until the present:

6 Being persuaded of this very thingthat, he who hath begun in you a good work, will perfect it, until the day of Jesus Christ;

7 According as it is right in me to have this regard in behalf of you all,because ye have had me in your hearts, both in my bonds and in the defence and confirmation of the glad-message, all of you being, joint partakers of my favour.

8 For God is, my witness, how I long for you all in the tender affections of Christ Jesus.

9 And, this, I praythat, your love, may be, yet more and more, pre-eminent in personal knowledge and all perception,

10 To the end ye may be putting to the test the things that differ, in order that ye may be incorrupt and may give no occasion of stumbling, unto the day of Christ,

11 Filled with that fruit of righteousness which is through Jesus Christ unto the glory and praise of God.

12 Howbeit, I am minded, brethren, that ye should be, getting to know, that, the things which relate unto myself, rather, unto an advancement of the glad-message, have fallen out,

13 So that, my bonds, have become manifest in Christ, in the whole palace, and unto all the rest,

14 And , the most of the brethren in the Lord, assured by my bonds, are becoming more abundantly bold to be fearlessly speaking the word of God:

15 Some, indeed, by reason of envy and strifesome, however, by reason of good willare proclaiming, the Christ:

16 These, indeed, out of love, knowing that, for the defence of the glad-message, I am set;

17 But, those, out of faction, are declaring, the Christ, not purelysupposing to rouse up, tribulation, with my bonds.

18 What then? That, in any way, whether in pretext, or in truth, Christ, is declared, and, in this, I rejoiceyea, and will rejoice!

19 For I know that, this, shall turn unto me for salvationthrough your supplication, and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ,

20 According to my eager outlook and hope, that, in nothing, shall I be put to shame, but, with all freedom of speech, as always, now also, shall Christ be magnified in my body, whether through means of life, or of death.

21 For, unto meliving, is Christ, and, dying, gain.

22 But, if living in flesh, , this, unto me, is a fruit of work,and, what I shall choose, I make not known:

23 I am held in constraint, however, by reason of the two,having, the coveting, to be released, and to be with, Christ, for it were far better!

24 But, to abide still in the flesh, is more needful for your sake;

25 And, of, this, being assured, know that I shall abide,yea abide with you all, for your advancement, and the joy of your faith;

26 In order that, your matter of boasting, may be more abundant in Christ Jesus, regarding me, through my own presence again with you.

27 Only, in a manner worthy of the glad-message of the Christ, be using your citizenship; in order thatwhether coming and seeing you, or being absent, I may hear of the things which concern youthat ye are standing fast in one spirit, with one soul, joining for the combat along with the faith of the glad-message;

28 And not being affrighted in anything by the opposers,the which, is, unto them, a token of destruction, although of your salvation, and this from God;

29 Because, unto you, hath it been given as a favour, in behalf of Christ, not only, on him, to believe, but also, in his behalf, to suffer:

30 Having, the same contest, which ye have seen in me, and now hear to be in me.