Jó 9

1 Then responded Job, and said

2 Of a truth, I know that so it is, But how can a mortal be just with GOD?

3 If he choose to contend with him, he cannot answer him, one of a thousand:

4 Wise in heart, and alert in vigour, What man hath hardened himself against him, and prospered!

5 Who removeth mountains, unawares, Who overturneth them in his anger;

6 Who shaketh the earth, out of its place, and, the pillars thereof, shudder;

7 Who commandeth the sun, and it breaketh not forth, and, about the stars, he putteth a seal;

8 Who spreadeth out fire heavens, by himself alone! and marcheth along, on the heights of the sea;

9 Who made the Bear, the Giant and the Cluster, and the chambers of the south;

10 Who doeth great things, past finding out, and marvels, beyond number.

11 Lo! he cometh upon me, yet can I not see him, Yea he passeth on, yet can I not discern him.

12 Lo! he snatcheth away, who can bring it back? Who shall say unto him, What wouldst thou do?

13 As for GOD, if he withdraw not his anger, under him, will have submitted themselvesthe proud helpers.

14 How much less that, I, should answer him, should choose my words with him?

15 Whom, though I were righteous, yet would I not answer, to be absolved, I would make supplication.

16 Though I had called, and he had answered me, I could not believe, that he would lend an ear to my voice.

17 For, with a tempest, would he fall upon me, and would multiply my wounds without need;

18 He would not suffer me to recover my breath, for he would surfeit me with bitter things.

19 If it regardeth vigour, bold is he! If justice, who could summon him?

20 If I should justify myself, mine own mouth, would condemn me,I blameless? then had it shewn me perverse.

21 I blameless? I should not know my own soul, I should despise my own life!

22 One thing, there is, for which cause, I have said it, The blameless and the lawless, he bringeth to an end.

23 If, a scourge, slay suddenly, at the despair of innocent ones, he mocketh.

24 The earth, hath been given into the hand of a lawless one, The faces of her judges, he covereth, If not, then who is it?

25 My days, therefore, are swifter than a runner, They have fled, they have seen no good.

26 They have passed away with boats of paper-reed, like a vulture rusheth upon food.

27 If I say, I will forget my complaint, I will lay aside my sad countenance, and brighten up,

28 I am afraid of all my pains, I know, that thou wilt not pronounce me innocent.

29 I, shall be held guilty,Wherefore then, in vain, should I toil?

30 Though I bathe myself in snow water, and cleanse, in cleanness itself, my hands,

31 Then, in a ditch, wouldst thou plunge me, and mine own clothes should abhor me:

32 For he is not a man like myself, whom I might answer, nor could we come together into judgment:

33 There is not, between us, a mediator, who might lay his hand upon us both.

34 Let him take from off me his rod, and, his terror, let it not startle me:

35 I could speak, and not be afraid of him, although, not so, am, I, in myself!