João 5

1 After these things, was a feast of the Jews, and Jesus went up unto Jerusalem.

2 Now there is in Jerusalem, at the Sheep-gate, a pool, which is called in Hebrew Bethzatha,having, five porches.

3 In these, was lying a throng of them who were sick,blind, lame, withered.

5 And there was a certain man there, who, for thirty-eight years, had continued in his sickness.

6 Jesus, seeing, this one, lying, and taking note that now, a long time, had he continued, saith unto himDesirest thou to be made, well?

7 The sick man answered himSir! I have, no man, that, as soon as the water hath been troubled, might thrust me into the pool; but, while, I, am coming, another, before me, goeth down.

8 Jesus saith unto himRise! take up thy couch, and be walking.

9 And, straightway, the man was made well and took up his couch, and began to walk. Now it was Sabbath, on that day.

10 The Jews, therefore, were saying, unto him who had been curedIt is, Sabbath; and it is not allowable for thee to take up thy couch:

11 who, however, answered themHe that made me well, he, unto me, saidTake up thy couch, and be walking.

12 They questioned himWho is the man that said unto thee, Take up , and be walking?

13 But, the healed one, knew not, who, it was; for, Jesus, had turned aside, a multitude, being in the place.

14 After these things, Jesus findeth him, in the temple, and said unto himSee! thou hast become, well:No more, be committing sin, lest, some worse thing, do thee befall.

15 The man went away, and told the Jews, that it was, Jesus, who had made him well.

16 And, on this account, were the Jews persecuting Jesus, because, these things, he had been doing, on Sabbath.

17 But, he, answered themMy Father, until even now, is working; and, I, am working.

18 On this account, therefore, the rather, were the Jews seeking to slay him,because, not only was he breaking the Sabbath, but was calling God, his own Father, making, himself, equal, with, God.

19 Jesus, therefore, answered, and went on to say unto themVerily, verily, I say unto you: The Son cannot be doing, of himself, a single thing,save anything he may see, the Father, doing; for, whatsoever, he, may be doing, these things, the Son also, in like manner, doeth.

20 For, the Father, dearly loveth the Son, and, all things, pointeth out to him, which, himself, is doing; and, greater works than these, will he point out to him, that, ye, may marvel.

21 For, just as the Father waketh up the dead, and quickeneth them, in like manner, the Son also, whom he pleaseth, doth quicken.

22 For neither doth, the Father, judge anyone,but, all the judging, hath given unto the Son:

23 That, all, may honour the Son, just as they honour the Father: he that doth not honour the Son, doth not, in fact, honour the Father who sent him.

24 Verily, verily, I say unto you: He that heareth, my word, and believeth in him that sent me, hath life age-abiding, and, into judgment, cometh not, but hath passed over, out of death into life.

25 Verily, verily, I say unto you: There cometh an hour, and now is, when, the dead, shall hearken unto the voice of the Son of God, and, they who have hearkened, shall live.

26 For, just as, the Father, hath life, in himself, in like manner, unto the Son also, hath he given, life, to have, in himself;

27 And, authority, hath he given him, to be executing, judgment,because, Son of Man, is he!

28 Do not be marvelling at this: because there come an hour, in which, all they in the tombs, shall hearken unto his voice,

29 and shall come forth,they who, the good things, have done, unto a resurrection, of life; but, they who the corrupt things, have practised, unto a resurrection, of judgment.

30 I, cannot be doing, of myself, a single thing,Just as I hear, I judge; and, my judging, is, just,because I seek not my own will, but the will of him that sent me.

31 If, I, bear witness, concerning myself, my witness, is not, true.

32 Another, it is, who beareth witness concerning me,and I know that, true, is the witness which he witnesseth concerning me.

33 Ye, have sent forth unto John,and he hath borne witness to the truth:

34 I, however, not from man, my witness, receive; but, these things, I say, that, ye, may be saved:

35 He, was the burning and shining lamp, and, ye, were willing to exult, for an hour, in his light.

36 But, I, have, as my witness, something greater than Johns; for, the works which the Father hath given me, that I should complete them,the works themselves which I am doing, bear witness concerning me, that, the Father, hath sent me.

37 And so, the Father who sent me, he, hath borne witness concerning me; Neither, a sound of him, at any time, have ye heard, nor, a form of him, have ye seen;

38 And, his word, ye have not, within you abidingbecause, as touching him whom, he, sent, in him, ye, believe not.

39 Ye search the Scriptures, because, ye, think, by them, to have, life age-abiding; and, those , are they which bear witness concerning me:

40 And yet ye choose not to come unto me, that, life, ye may have.

41 Glory from men, am I not receiving;

42 But I have taken knowledge of you, that, the love of God, ye have not, in yourselves:

43 I, have come, in the name of my Father,and ye are not receiving me: If, another, shall come in his own name, him, ye will receive!

44 How can, ye, believe,Glory from one another, receiving; and, the glory which is from the only God, are not seeking?

45 Do not think that, I, will accuse you unto the Father: There, is, who accuseth you, even, Moses,on whom, ye, have set your hope.

46 For, if ye had been believing, in Moses, ye would, in that case, have been believing, in me: for, concerning me, he wrote.

47 But, if, in his writings, ye are not believing, how, in my sayings, will ye believe?