João 9

1 And, passing along, he saw a man, blind from birth.

2 And his disciples questioned him, sayingRabbi! who sinned, this man or his parents, that, blind, he should be born?

3 Jesus answeredNeither, this man, sinned nor his parents; butthat the works of God should be made manifest in him.

4 We must needs be working the works of him that sent me, while it is, day: There cometh a night, when, no one, can work.

5 Whensoever I may be, in the world, I am, the light, of the world.

6 These things, having said, he spat on the ground, and made clay with the spittle, and laid the clay upon his eyes;

7 and said unto himWithdraw! wash in the pool of Siloam,which is to be translated, Sent. He went away, therefore, and washed, and came, seeing.

8 The neighbours, therefore, and they who used to observe him aforetimethat he was, a beggar, were sayingIs not, this, he that used to sit and beg?

9 Others, were sayingTis, the same. Others, were sayingNay! but he is, like him. He, was sayingI, am he.

10 So they were saying unto himHow then were thine eyes opened?

11 He, answeredThe man that is called Jesus, made, clay, and anointed mine eyes, and said unto me: Withdraw unto the pool of Siloam, and wash. Going away, therefore, and washing, I received sight.

12 And they said unto himWhere is, He? He saithI know not.

13 They bring him unto the Phariseeshim at one time blind.

14 Now it was Sabbath, on the day when Jesus made, the clay, and opened his eyes.

15 Again, therefore, the Pharisees also questioned him, as to how he received sight. And, he, said unto themClay, laid he upon mine eyes, and I washed,and do see.

16 Certain from among the Pharisees, therefore, were sayingThis man is not, from God, because, the Sabbath, he keepeth not. Others, however were sayingHow can a sinful man, such signs as these, be doing? And there was, a division, among them.

17 So they were saying unto the blind man, again, What dost, thou, say concerning him, in that he opened thine eyes? And, he, saidA prophet, is he.

18 The Jews, therefore, did not believe, concerning him, that he was blind, and received sight,until they called the parents of him that had received sight,

19 and questioned them, sayingIs, this, your son, of whom, ye, say, that blind, he was, born? How, then, seeth he, even now?

20 His parents, therefore, answered, and saidWe know that, this, is our son, and that, blind, he was born;

21 But, how he now seeth, we know not, or, who opened his eyes, we, know not,Question, him, he is, of age, he, concerning himself, shall speak.

22 These things, said his parents, because they were in fear of the Jews,for, already, had the Jews agreed together, that, if anyone should confess, him, to be Christ, an, excommunicant from the synagogue, should he be made.

23 For this cause, his parents saidHe is, of age,question him.

24 So they called the man a second time who had been blind, and said unto himGive glory unto God! We know that, this man, is, a sinner.

25 He, therefore, answeredWhether he is a sinner, I know not: One thing, I know,That, whereas I was, blind, now, I see!

26 They said, therefore, unto himWhat did he unto thee? How opened he thine eyes?

27 He answered themI told you just now, and ye did not hear: Why, again, do ye wish to hear? Are, ye also, wishing to become, his disciples?

28 And they reviled him, and saidThou, art, the disciple, of that man; but, we, are, Moses, disciples:

29 We, know, that, unto Moses, hath God spoken; but, as for this man, we know not whence he is.

30 The man answered, and said unto themWhy! Herein, is, the marvel: That, ye, know not whence he is, and yet he opened mine eyes.

31 We know that, God, unto sinners, doth not hearken: but, if one be, a worshipper of God, and be doing, his will, unto this one, he hearkeneth.

32 Out of age-past time, hath it never been heard, that anyone opened the eyes of one who, blind, had been born.

33 If this man were not from God, he could have done nothing.

34 They answered and said unto himIn sins, wast, thou, born, altogether; and art, thou, teaching, us? And they cast him out.

35 Jesus heard that they had cast him out: and, finding him, saidDost, thou, believe on the son of Man?

36 He answered and said And, who, is he, Sir, that I may believe on him?

37 Jesus said unto himThou hast both seen him and, he that is speaking with thee, is, he.

38 And, he, saidI believe, Sir! and worshipped him.

39 And Jesus saidFor judgment, I, unto this world, came: that, they who were not seeing, might see, and, they who were seeing, might become, blind.

40 They of the Pharisees who were with him, heard, these things, and said unto himAre, we also, blind?

41 Jesus said unto themIf, blind, ye had been, ye had not had sin; but, now, ye say, We see, your sin, abideth.