Jeremias 47

1 So much of the word of Yahweh as came unto Jeremiah the prophet, Against the Philistines,before Pharaoh smote Gaza:

2 Thus, saith YahwehLo! waters rising from the North And they shall become a torrent overflowing, Which shall overflow The land and the fulness thereof, The city, and the dwellers therein,Then shall men make outcry, And all the inhabitants of the land, howl.

3 Because of the sound of the tramping of the hoofs of his chargers, Because of the rushing of his chariots, the rumbling of his wheels Fathers shall not turn, to children, Because of the unnerving of their hands;

4 On account of the day that cometh to lay waste all the Philistines, To cut off from Tyre and Zidon every escaped one that could have helped,For Yahweh is laying waste the Philistines, The remnant of the Coastland of Caphtor.

5 Baldness hath come, upon Gaza, Silenced is Ashkelon the remnant of their vale,How long, wilt thou cut thyself?

6 Ah! thou sword of Yahweh, How long, wilt thou not be quiet? Withdraw into thy scabbard, Rest thyself and be still.

7 How, can it be quiet, when, Yahweh, hath given it a charge,against Ashkelon and against the shore of the sea? There, hath he appointed it!