Marcos 14

1 Now it was the Passover and the Unleavened , after two days. And the High-priests and Scribes were seeking, how, with guile, they might secure, and lay him;

2 for they were sayingNot in the feast, lest there be an uproar of the people.

3 And, he being in Bethany, in the house of Simon the leper, as he was reclining, there came a woman, holding an alabaster-jar of perfume, pure spikenard, very costly; and breaking the jar she was pouring down , upon his head.

4 But there were some much displeased among themselvesTo what end hath, this waste of the perfume happened?

5 For this perfume could have been sold for above three hundred denaries, and given unto the destitute! and they were indignant with her.

6 But, Jesus, saidLet her alone! Why are ye reproaching, her? A seemly work, hath she wrought, in me;

7 For, always, have ye, the destitute, with you, and whensoever ye please, ye can, unto them, at any time do well! But, me, not, always, have ye.

8 What she had, she used,She took it beforehand to anoint my body for the burial;

9 And, verily, say unto youWheresoever the glad-message shall be proclaimed throughout the whole world,also what she did, will be told for a memorial of her.

10 And ,Judas Iscariot, who was one of he twelve, went away unto the High-priests, that, him, he might deliver up unto them.

11 Now, when they heard, they rejoiced, and promised to give him, silver; and he was seeking how, at a favourable opportunity, he might, deliver him up.

12 And, on the first day of the unleavened cakes, when, the passover, they were slaying, his disciples say unto himWhere wilt thou, we depart and make ready, that thou mayest eat the passover?

13 And he sendeth forth two of his disciples, and saith unto themGo your way into the city, and there will meet you a man, a jar of water, bearing,follow him;

14 and, wheresoever he shall enter, say ye unto the householderThe teacher, saith, Where is my lodging, where, the passover, with my disciples, I may eat?

15 And, he, unto you, will shew, a large upper-room, spread ready, and, there, make ye ready for us.

16 And the disciples went forth, and came into the city, and found, according as he had said unto them,and they made ready the passover.

17 And, when evening arrived, he cometh, with the twelve.

18 And, as they were reclining and eating, Jesus saidVerily, I say unto youOne from among you, will deliver me up, he that is eating with me.

19 They began to be grieved, and to be saying unto him, one by one,Can it be, I?

20 And, he, said unto themOne of the twelve, he that is dipping with me into the one bowl:

21 Because, the Son of Man, indeed, goeth his way,according as it is written concerning him; but alas! for that man, through whom the Son of Man is being delivered up,Well for him, if that man, had not been born!

22 And, as they were eating, taking a loaf, he blessed and brake, and gave unto them, and saidTake! this, is, my body;

23 And, taking a cup, he offered thanks, and gave unto them; and they, all, drank of it.

24 And he said unto themThis, is, my blood of the covenant, that is to be poured out in behalf of many.

25 Verily, I say unto youNo more, will I in anywise drink of the fruit of the vine, until that day when I shall be drinking it new, in the kingdom of God.

26 And, having sung praise, they went forth unto the Mount of Olives.

27 And Jesus saith unto themYe, all, will find cause of stumbling, because it is written,I will smite the shepherd, and, the sheep, will be scattered abroad;

28 But, after my arising, I will go before you into Galilee.

29 And, Peter, said unto himEven if, all, shall find cause of stumbling, certainly not, I.

30 And Jesus saith unto himVerily, I say unto thee, thou, this day, in this night, before that twice a cock crow, thrice, will deny me.

31 But he, most vehemently, was sayingEven though I must needs die with thee, in nowise, will I, deny thee. Likewise, indeed, were, all besides, saying.

32 And they come into an estate the name of which is Gethsemane, and he saith unto his disciplesSit ye here, while I pray.

33 And he taketh Peter and James and John with him, and began to be exceedingly amazed, and in great distress;

34 and he saith unto themEncompassed with grief is my soul, unto death: Abide ye here, and be watching.

35 And, going forward a little, he fell upon the ground, and was praying that, if it were possible, the hour might pass from him;

36 and was sayingAbba! O Father! All things, are possible to thee: Bear aside this cup from me; but not what, I, will, but what, thou, .

37 And he cometh and findeth them sleeping, and saith unto PeterSimon! art thou sleeping? Hadst thou not strength, one hour, to watch?

38 Be watching and praying, that ye enter not into temptation: the, spirit, indeed, is willing, but, the flesh, weak.

39 And, again, departing, he prayed, the same thing, saying .

40 And, again, coming, he found them sleeping, for their eyes were being, weighed down,and they knew not what to answer him.

41 And he cometh the third time, and saith unto themYe are sleeping the remaining time and taking your rest:It is enough! the hour hath come! Lo! the Son of Man is being delivered up into the hands of sinners.

42 Be rousing yourselves, let us be leading on! Lo! he that is delivering me up, hath drawn near.

43 And, straightway, while yet he is speaking, Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve, cometh near, and, with him, a multitude, with swords and clubs, from the High-priests and the Scribes and the Elders.

44 He that is delivering him up hath given an agreed sign unto them, sayingWhomsoever I shall kiss, he, it is! Secure him, and be leading away, safely.

45 And, coming, straightway, stepping forward to him, he saithRabbi! and openly kissed him.

46 And, they, thrust their hands on him, and secured him.

47 A certain one of the by-standers, drawing a sword, smote the servant of the High priest, and took off his, ear.

48 And Jesus, answering, said unto themAs against a robber, came ye forth, with swords and clubs, to arrest me?

49 Daily, was I with you, in the temple, teaching; and ye secured me not. But, that, the Scriptures, may be fulfilled

50 And they, all, forsook, him, and fled.

51 And, a certain young man, was following with him, having cast about himself a fine Indian cloth, over his naked body,and they are securing him;

52 but, he, leaving behind the cloth, fled naked.

53 And they led away Jesus unto the High-priest; and all the High-priests and the Elders and the Scribes gather together.

54 And, Peter, afar of, followed him, as far as within, into the court of the High-priest; and was sitting with the attendants, and warming himself by the light.

55 Now, the High-priest, and all the High-council, were seeking, against Jesus, testimony, with the intent to put him to death,and were not finding any;

56 for, many, were bearing false-witness against him, and the testimonies were not, agreed.

57 And some, standing up, were bearing false-witness against him, saying

58 We, heard him saying, I, will pull down this shrine, the one made by hand, and, in three days, another, not made by hand, will I raise.

59 And, not even so, was the testimony, agreed.

60 And, the High-priest rising up into the midst, questioned Jesus, sayingAnswerest thou, nothing? What are these, against thee, witnessing?

61 But, he, was silent, and answered, nothing. Again, the High-priest was questioning him, and saith unto himArt, thou, the Christ the Son of the Blessed?

62 And Jesus saidI, am; and ye shall see the Son of Mansitting, on the right hand, of Power, and coming with the clouds of heaven.

63 And, the High-priest, having rent asunder his inner-garments, saithWhat, further, need have we, of witnesses?

64 Heard ye the profanity? What, to you, doth it appear? And they, all, condemned him to be, worthy, of, death.

65 And some began to be spitting at him, and, covering up his face, and to be buffeting him, and saying to himProphesy! And, the attendants, with smart blows, took him.

66 And, Peter, being, below in the court, there cometh one of the maid-servants of the High-priest;

67 and, seeing Peter warming himself, having looked at him, saithAnd, thou, wast, with the Nazarenewith Jesus.

68 But, he, denied, sayingI neither know , nor do I well understand what, thou, sayest; and went out into the porch.

69 And, the maid-servant, seeing him, began, again, to be saying unto the by-standersThis one, is, from among them.

70 But, he, again, was denying. And, after a little again, the by-standers, were saying unto PeterTruly, thou, art, from among them; for thou art, a Galilaean, also.

71 And, he, began to be cursing and swearingI know not this man, of whom ye are speaking!

72 And, straightway, a second time, a cock, crowed; and Peter was reminded of the declaration, how Jesus had said to himBefore a cock, twice, crow, thrice, wilt thou deny me. And, when he thought thereon, he began to weep.