Marcos 11

1 And, when they are drawing near unto Jerusalem, unto Bethphage and Bethany, towards the Mount of Olives, he sendeth forth two of his disciples,

2 and saith unto themGo your way into the village that is over against you, and, straightway, as ye are entering it, ye shall find a colt tied, upon which, no, man, yet, hath sat: loose him, and bring him.

3 And, if anyone unto you should sayWhy are ye doing this? sayThe Lord, of him hath need; and, straightway, he sendeth him off again here.

4 And they departed, and found a colt, tied unto a door outside, on the street,and they are loosing him.

5 And, certain of them that were there standing, were saying unto themWhat are ye doing, loosing the colt?

6 and they said unto them as, Jesus, said,and they let them go.

7 And they bring the colt unto Jesus, and throw upon him their mantles,and he took his seat upon him.

8 And, many, spread out, their mantles, along the way, and, others, young branches,cutting them out of the fields.

9 And, they who were going before, and they who were following after, were crying aloudHosanna! Blessed, is he that is coming in the name of the Lord!

10 Blessed, is the coming kingdom of our father David! Hosanna in the highest!

11 And he entered into Jerusalem, into the temple, and, looking round on all things, late already being the hour, he went out into Bethany, with the twelve.

12 And, on the morrow, when they came forth from Bethany, he hungered;

13 and, seeing a fig-tree from afar, having leaves, he came if, therefore, he should find aught in it, and, coming up to it, nothing, found he, save, leaves; for it was not, the season, of figs.

14 And, answering, he said unto itNo more, unto times age-abiding, let anyone of thee, eat fruit. And his disciples were listening.

15 And they come into Jerusalem. And, entering into the temple, he began to be casting out them who were selling and them who were buying in the temple, and, the tables of the money-changers, and the seats of them who were selling doves, he overthrew,

16 and was not suffering that anyone should carry a vessel through the temple;

17 and was teaching, and sayingIs it not written, My house, a house of prayer, shall be called, for all the nations? but, ye, have made it, A den of robbers.

18 And the High-priests and the Scribes, heard, it, and began seeking how they might, destroy, him,for they were fearing him; for, all the multitude, were being struck with astonishment at his teaching.

19 And, as soon as it became late, they were going forth outside the city.

20 And, passing by early, they saw the fig-tree, withered from its roots;

21 and, put in mind, Peter saith unto himRabbi! see! the fig-tree which thou didst curse, is withered.

22 And, answering, Jesus saith unto themHave faith in God.

23 Verily, I say unto youWhosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be lifted up, and cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart but shall believe that, what he speaketh, cometh to pass, it shall be his.

24 For this cause, I say unto youAll things, whatsoever ye are praying for and asking, believe that ye have received, and they shall be yours.

25 And, when ye stand praying, forgive, if aught ye have against any,that, your Father also, who is in the heavens, may forgive you your offences.

26 fehlt

27 And they come again into Jerusalem. And, as he is walking in the temple, the High-priests and the Scribes and the Elders come unto him,

28 and were saying unto himBy what authority, these things, art thou doing? And who to thee hath given this authority that, these things, thou shouldst be doing?

29 But, Jesus, said unto themI will question you, as to one matter, and answer me,and I will tell you, by what authority, these things, I am doing:

30 The immersion by John, Of heaven, was it, or, of men? Answer me!

31 And they were deliberating among themselves, sayingIf we say, Of heaven, he will say, Wherefore then did ye not believe him?

32 But, should we say, Of men, they were in fear of the multitude, for, one and all, were holding John, in very deed, that he was, a prophet.

33 And, making answer unto Jesus, they sayWe know not; and Jesus saith unto themNeither do, I, tell you, by what authority, these things, I am doing.