Provérbios 13

1 A wise son,

2 Of the fruit of his mouth, shall a man eat what is good, but, the soul of the treacherous,

3 He that watcheth his mouth, guardeth his soul, He that openeth wide his lips,

4 The sluggard, desireth, but his soul hath, nothing. But, the soul of the diligent, shall be enriched.

5 A word of falsehood, the righteous man, hateth, but, the lawless, causeth shame and disgrace.

6 Righteousness, guardeth the man of blameless way, but, lawlessness, overthroweth the sinner.

7 There is who feigneth himself rich, yet hath nothing at all, who pleadeth poverty, yet hath great substance.

8 The ransom of a mans life, is his wealth, but, the poor, heareth not rebuke.

9 The light of the righteous, rejoiceth, but, the lamp of the lawless, goeth out.

10 Only by pride, doth one cause contention, but, with the well-advised, is wisdom.

11 Wealth gotten by greed, diminisheth, but, he that gathereth by little, increaseth.

12 Hope deferred, sickeneth the heart,but, a tree of life, is desire fulfilled.

13 He that despiseth a matter, shall get pledged thereto, but, he that revereth a commandment, the same shall be recompensed.

14 the instruction of the wise, is a well-spring of life, by departing from the snares of death.

15 Sound discretion, yieldeth favour, but, the way of the treacherous, is rugged.

16 Every prudent man, maketh use of knowledge, but, a dullard, spreadeth folly.

17 A lawless messenger, falleth into mischief, but, a faithful herald, bringeth healing.

18 Poverty and contempt, are for him that neglecteth correction, but, he that regardeth reproof, shall be honoured.

19 A desire fulfilled, is sweet to the soul, but it is, an abomination to the lawless, to depart from evil.

20 He that walketh with the wise, becometh wise, but, the friend of dullards, becometh foolish.

21 Evil pursueth, sinners, but, unto the righteous, shall good be recompensed.

22 A good man, leaveth an inheritance to childrens children, but, laid up for the righteous, is the wealth of the sinner.

23 Much food, is in the fallow ground of the poor, but there is that is swept away, for want of justice.

24 He that withholdeth his rod, hateth his son,but, he that loveth him, carefully correcteth him.

25 The righteous, eateth to satisfy his appetite, but, the belly of the lawless, shall want.