Provérbios 19

1 Better is a poor man, walking in his integrity, than one of perverse lips, and, he, a dullard.

2 Surely, for the soul to be, without knowledge, is not good, and, he that hasteth with his feet, strayeth.

3 The folly of a man, subverteth his way, and, against Yahweh, his heart is angry.

4 Wealth, addeth many friends, but, the poor man, from his own friend, is parted.

5 A false witness, shall not be held innocent, and, he that uttereth lies, shall not escape.

6 Many, will entreat the favour of a noble, and, every one, is a friend to a man abounding in gifts.

7 All the brethren of a poor man, hate him, how much more have, his friends, gone far from him, he may hunt up promisesthere are none.

8 He that acquireth sense, loveth his own soul, he that guardeth understanding, shall find blessing.

9 A false witness, shall not be held innocent, and, he that uttereth lies, shall perish.

10 Unseemly for dullard, is delicate living, how much more for, a servant, to bear rule over princes.

11 The discretion of a man, deferreth his anger, and, his adorning, is to pass over transgression.

12 The growl as of a young lion, is the rage of a king, but, like dew upon the grass, is his good pleasure.

13 Engulfing ruin to his father, is a son that is a dullard,and, a continuous dripping, are the contentions of a wife.

14 House and substance, are an inheritance from ones fathers, but, from Yahweh, cometh a wife who is prudent.

15 Sloth, falleth into a deep sleep, and, a soul that is indolent, shall famish.

16 One who guardeth the commandment, guardeth his life, he that is reckless in his ways, shall die.

17 A lender to Yahweh, is one who sheweth favour to the poor, and, his good deed, He will pay him back.

18 Correct thy son, because there is hope, yet, not so as to slay him, let thy passion be excited.

19 A man in a rage, taketh away the penalty,nevertheless, if thou let him go free, the more

20 Hear counsel, receive correction, that thou mayest be wise in thine after-life.

21 Many are the devices in a mans heart, but, the counsel of Yahweh, that, shall stand.

22 The charm of a man, is his lovingkindness,and better a poor man, than one who deceiveth.

23 The reverence of Yahweh, leadeth to life, satisfied then, let a man remainlet him not be visited by calamity.

24 A sluggard burieth his hand in the dish, even unto his own mouth, will he not bring it back.

25 The scoffer, thou shalt smite, and, the simple, will beware, but correct a man of intelligencehe will understand teaching.

26 He that ruineth his father, and chaseth away his mother, is a son causing shame and reproach.

27 Cease, my son, to hear instruction that would cause thee to wander from the sayings of knowledge.

28 An abandoned witness, scorneth justice, and, the mouth of lawless men, swalloweth iniquity.

29 Prepared for scoffers, are punishments, and stripes, for the back of dullards.