Bom Ânimo

Have I not commanded thee, Be firm and bold, do not start nor be dismayed,for, with thee, is Yahweh thy God, whithersoever thou goest?

Josué 1:9

And, he, said to herDaughter! thy faith, hath saved thee: Go thy way into peace.

Lucas 8:48

And, on the twenty-third of the seventh month, he sent the people away to their own homes,rejoicing and glad in heart, over the goodness which Yahweh had performed unto David and unto Solomon, and unto Israel his people.

2 Crônicas 7:10

for, all, saw him, and were troubled. But, he, straightway, talked with them, and saith unto themTake courage! it is, Ibe not afraid!

Marcos 6:50

Thou hast been slothful in the day of straitness, Strait, is thy strength.

Provérbios 24:10

These things, have I spoken unto you, that, in me, ye may have, peace: In the world, ye have, tribulation; but be taking courage,I, have overcome the world.

João 16:33

For God hath not given us a spirit of cowardice, but of power, and love, and correction.

2 Timóteo 1:7

Having good courage, therefore, at all times, and knowing thatremaining at home in the body, we are away from home from the Lord,

2 Coríntios 5:6

Then said Joshua unto them: Do not fear, nor be alarmed,be firm and bold, for, thus and thus, will Yahweh do unto all your enemies, against whom ye do fight.

Josué 10:25

Do not fear, for with thee, I am! Look not around, for, I, am thy God,I have emboldened thee, Yea I have helped thee, Yea I have upheld thee with my righteous right-hand.

Isaías 41:10

Be strong, and let your heart be bold, all ye who are waiting for Yahweh.

Salmos 31:24

And, straightway, Jesus spake unto them, sayingTake courage! it is, I,be not afraid.

Mateus 14:27

Wherefore, be of good courage, Sirs; for I believe in Godthat, so, it shall be, according as it hath been told me.

Atos 27:25

Be strong and bold, do not fear neither be dismayed, because of the king of Assyria, nor because of all the multitude that is with him,for, with us, is One greater than with him:

2 Crônicas 32:7