For, thou, O My Lord, art good and forgiving, And abundant in lovingkindness, to all who call upon thee.

Salmos 86:5

Every good giving, and every perfect gift, is, from above, coming down from the Father of lightswith whom is no alternation, nor shadow cast, by turning:

Tiago 1:17

Cast upon Yahweh thy lot, and, he, will sustain thee: He will not suffer, to times age-abiding, the righteous one to be shaken.

Salmos 55:22

He that goeth about talebearing, revealeth a secret, but, he that is faithful in spirit, concealeth a matter.

Provérbios 11:13

Near is Yahweh to all who call upon him,to all them who call upon him in faithfulness.

Salmos 145:18

His lord said unto himWell-done! good and faithful servant,Over a few things wast thou faithful, over many things, will I appoint thee: Enter into the joy of thy lord.

Mateus 25:21

So then, thou must know that, Yahweh thy God, he, is God,the faithful GOD, keeping his covenant and his lovingkindness with them that love him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations

Deuteronômio 7:9

The lovingkindnesses of Yahweh, verily they are not exhausted, Verily! not at an end, are his compassions:

New things for the mornings! Abundant is thy faithfulness:

Lamentações 3:22,23

Thou, O Yahweh, unto times age-abiding, dost remain, Thy throne, from generation to generation:

Lamentações 5:19

For, Yahweh, loveth justice, and will not forsake his men of lovingkindness, Unto times age-abiding, have the perverse been destroyed,and the seed of the lawless, been cut off.

Salmos 37:28

But, Yahweh, it is who is going before thee, he will be with thee, he will not fail thee nor forsake thee,thou must not fear nor be dismayed.

Deuteronômio 31:8

Until even now, ye have asked nothing in my name: Be asking, and ye shall receive,that, your joy, may be made full.

João 16:24

But, the lovingkindness of Yahweh, is from one age even to another, Upon them who revere him, And his righteousness, to childrens children:

To such as keep his covenant, And remember his precepts, to do them.

Salmos 103:17,18

For he hath satisfied the longing soul, and, the famished soul, hath he filled with good.

Salmos 107:9

Faithful, is the Lord,who will confirm you, and guard you from the wicked one:

2 Tessalonicenses 3:3

Give ye thanks unto Yahweh, For he is good, For, age-abiding, is his lovingkindness.

1 Crônicas 16:34

I, am, the A, and, the Z, saith the Lord,the, God who Is, and who Was, and who is Coming, The Almighty.

Apocalipse 1:8

Trial, hath not taken you, save such as man can bear; faithful, moreover is God, who will not suffer you to be tried above what ye are able, but will make, with the trial, also the way of escape, that ye may be able to hold out.

1 Coríntios 10:13

Yahweh, will carry through my cause,O Yahweh! thy lovingkindness, is age-abiding, The works of thine own hands, do not thou desert.

Salmos 138:8

Lo! the eye of Yahweh, is toward them who revere him, unto such as are waiting for his lovingkindness:

Salmos 33:18

But, I, will sing thy power, And will shout aloud, in the morning, thy lovingkindness,For thou has become a refuge for me, And a place to flee to in the day of my distress.

Salmos 59:16

The charm of a man, is his lovingkindness,and better a poor man, than one who deceiveth.

Provérbios 19:22

May he not suffer thy foot, to slip, May thy keeper, not slumber!

Salmos 121:3

The integrity of the upright, shall guide them, but, the crookedness of the treacherous, shall be their ruin.

Provérbios 11:3

O Yahweh! my God, thou art, I will exalt thee, I will praise thy Name, For thou hast done a wonderful thing,Purposes of long ago Faithfulness in truth.

Isaías 25:1