Out of a strait, called I on Yah, He answered me with enlargement.

Salmos 118:5

If I say, My foot, hath slipped, Thy lovingkindness, O Yahweh, supporteth me.

Salmos 94:18

The same thing, one to another regarding,not the lofty things regarding, but, by the lowly, being led along. Be not getting presumptuous in your own opinion:

Romanos 12:16

Yahweh, is my shepherdI shall not want:

In pastures of tender grass, he maketh me lie down, Unto restful waters, he leadeth me;

Salmos 23:1,2

May he not suffer thy foot, to slip, May thy keeper, not slumber!

Salmos 121:3

Not that, as to coming short, I am speaking, for, I, have learned, in whatsoever circumstances I am, to be, independent:

Filipenses 4:11

For I, Yahweh thy God am firmly grasping thy right-hand,Who am saying unto thee Do not fear! I, have become thy helper!

Isaías 41:13

Trust thou in Yahweh, with all thy heart, and, unto thine own understanding, do not lean:

In all thy ways, acknowledge him, and, he, will make straight thy paths.

Provérbios 3:5,6

I have set Yahweh before me continually, because he is on my right hand, I shall not be shaken!

Salmos 16:8

I, am the vine: Ye, are the branches. He that abideth in me and, I, in him, the same, beareth much fruit; because, apart from me, ye can bring forth, nothing.

João 15:5

Yahweh, will fight for you,and, ye, shall forbear.

Êxodo 14:14

For, not by their own sword, gat they possession of the land, Nor did, their own arm, win victory for them,But thine own right hand, and thine own arm, and the light of thy face, Because thou hadst accepted them.

Salmos 44:3

Preserve me, O GOD, for I have sought refuge in thee.

Salmos 16:1

Do not, then, be anxious for the morrow; for the morrow, will be anxious, for itself: Sufficient for the day, is the evil thereof.

Mateus 6:34

And yet, who am, I, and who are my people, that we should be able to offer willingly like this? for, from thee, is the whole, and, out of thine own hand, have we given unto thee;

1 Crônicas 29:14

Many are the devices in a mans heart, but, the counsel of Yahweh, that, shall stand.

Provérbios 19:21

A mans heart, deviseth his way, but, Yahweh, directeth his steps.

Provérbios 16:9

They, moreover, who in flesh have their being, cannot please, God.

Romanos 8:8

Failed have my flesh and my heart, The rock of my heartand my portion, is God unto times age-abiding.

Salmos 73:26

The blessing of Yahweh, itself maketh rich, and he addeth no grievance therewith.

Provérbios 10:22

If, Yahweh, build not the house, in vain, have the builders of it toiled thereon, If, Yahweh, watch not the city, in vain, hath the watchman kept awake:

Salmos 127:1

O Yahweh, God of hosts! bring us back, Light up thy face, That we may be saved.

Salmos 80:19

For, just as in one body we have many members, yet, all the members, have not the same office,

So, we, the many, are one body in Christ, yet, severally, members one of another.

Romanos 12:4,5

Giving to him that fainteth, strength, And to him that hath no vigour, he causeth, power to abound?

Isaías 40:29

I will lift up mine eyes, unto the mountains, From whence cometh my help!

My help, is from Yahweh, who made heavens and earth.

Salmos 121:1,2