Salmos 6

1 O Yahweh! do not, in thine anger, correct me, nor, in thy wrath, chastise me.

2 Show me favour, O Yahweh, for languishing am I: Heal me, O Yahweh,for dismayed are my bones:

3 Yea, my soul, is dismayed greatly, Thou, then, O Yahwehhow long?

4 Return, O Yahweh, deliver my soul, Save me, for the sake of thy lovingkindness;

5 For, in death, is no remembrance of thee,In hades, who shall give thanks unto thee?

6 I am weary with my sighing, I flood, through the whole night, my couch,With my tears, I cause, my bed, to dissolve:

7 My face, is all sunken with sorrow,it hath aged, because of all mine adversaries.

8 Depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity, for Yahweh hath heard the voice of my weeping:

9 Yahweh, hath heard my supplication, Yahweh, will receive, my prayer.

10 Let all my foes, turn pale and be greatly dismayed, Again let them turn pale in a moment.