Salmos 43

1 Vindicate me, O God, and plead my cause, Against a nation, without lovingkindness, From the man of deceit and perversity, wilt thou deliver me?

2 For, thou, art my defending GodWherefore hast thou rejected me? Wherefore in gloom should I wander, because of the oppression of an enemy?

3 Send forth thy light and thy faithfulness, Let, them, lead me, Let them bring me into thy holy mountain, and into thy habitations:

4 That I may go in unto the altar of God, Unto GOD, mine exultant joy,That I may praise thee with the lyre, O Godmine own God!

5 Why shouldst thou be cast down, O my soul? And why shouldst thou moan over me, Wait thou for God, for yet shall I praise him, As the triumph of my presence, and my God.