Salmos 146

1 Praise ye Yah, Praise, O my soul, Yahweh.

2 I will praise Yahweh while I live! I will make melody to my God while I continue!

3 Do not ye trust in nobles, in a son of man who hath no deliverance:

4 His spirit, goeth forth, he returneth to his ground, In that very day, his thoughts perish.

5 How happy is he that hath the GOD of Jacob as his help, whose hope, is on Yahweh his God:

6 Who made The heavens and the earth, The sea and all that is therein, Who keepeth faithfulness to times age-abiding:

7 Who executeth justice for the oppressed, who giveth food to the famishing, Yahweh, who liberateth prisoners;

8 Yahweh, who opened the blind, Yahweh, who raiseth the prostrate, Yahweh, who loveth the righteous;

9 Yahweh, who preserveth sojourners, The fatherless and widows, he relieveth,but, the way of the lawless, he overturneth.

10 Yahweh, will reign, to times age-abiding, Thy God, O Zion, to generation after generation. Praise ye Yah!