Salmos 62

1 my soul, From him, is my salvation:

2 Surely, he, is my rock and my salvation, My high towerI shall not be greatly shaken!

3 How long will ye shout at a man? Ye shall be crushed all of you,Like a wall that bulgeth,a fence pushed in!

4 Surely, from his elevation, they have taken counsel to thrust him down, They accept falsehood,With his mouth, they each of them bless, But, inwardly, they revile. Selah.

5 Surely, towards God, be thou silent, my soul, For, from him, is mine expectation:

6 Surely, he, is my rock, and my salvation, My high towerI shall not be shaken!

7 Upon God,

8 Trust ye in him all ye assembly of the people, Pour out, before him, your heart, God, is a refuge for us. Selah.

9 Surely, vanity, are men of low degree, Deception, men of high degree,In the balances, they go up, They, are of vanity, altogether.

10 Do not trust in extortion, Nor, with robbery, become vain, As for wealth, when it beareth fruit, Do not set heart.

11 One thing, hath God spoken, Two things, which I have heard, That, power, belongeth unto God;

12 And, thine, O My Lord, is lovingkindness,For, thou, wilt pay back unto every manaccording to his deed.