Salmos 14

1 The impious hath said in his heartThere is no God! They have acted corruptly, they have done an abominable deed, there is none that doeth good.

2 Yahweh, out of the heavens, looked down over the sons of men,to see whether there was one that showed wisdom, enquiring after God:

3 The whole, have turned aside, Together have they become tainted,There is none that doeth good, not so much as, one!

4 Are all the workers of iniquity, without knowledge? devouring my people they devour food! Upon Yahweh, have they not called.

5 There have they been in great dread, because, God, is in the circle of the righteous man.

6 The purpose of the poor, ye would put to shame, because, Yahweh, is his refuge.

7 Oh that, out of Zion, were granted the salvation of Israel! When Yahweh bringeth back the captives of his people, Jacob, shall exult, Israel, be glad.