Salmos 112

1 Praise ye Yah! How happy is the man who revereth Yahweh, In his commandments, delighteth he greatly;

2 Mighty in the earth, shall be his seed, The generation of the upright, shall be blessed;

3 Wealth and riches, shall be in his house, and, his righteousness, standeth for aye.

4 Risenin darkness, is light to the upright, The gracious and compassionate and righteous.

5 Well for a man showing favour and lending! He shall sustain his affairs with justice.

6 Surely, unto times age-abiding, shall he not be shaken, In remembrance, age-abiding, shall the righteous one remain;

7 Of evil tidings, shall he not be afraid, Established is his heart, led to trust in Yahweh;

8 Upheld is his heart, he shall not be afraid, until that he gazeth on his foes.

9 He hath scattered abroad, he hath given to the needy, His righteousness, standeth for aye, His horn, shall be exalted in honour.

10 The lawless one, shall see, and be indignant, his teeth, will he gnash and melt away, The craving of the lawless, shall vanish.