Salmos 29

1 glory and strength:

2 Give to Yahweh, the glory of his Name, Bow down to Yahweh, in the adornment of holiness.

3 The voice of Yahweh, is upon the waters,The GOD of glory, hath thundered, Yahweh, is upon mighty waters;

4 The voice of Yahweh, is with power, The voice of Yahweh, is with majesty;

5 The voice of Yahweh, is breaking cedars, Now hath Yahweh, broken down, the cedars of Lebanon!

6 And hath made them leap like a calf, Lebanon and Sirion, like the bull-calf of wild-oxen;

7 The voice of Yahweh, is cleaving out flames of fire;

8 The voice of Yahweh, bringeth birth-pains upon the wilderness; Yahweh bringeth birth-pains upon the wilderness of Kadesh!

9 The voice of Yahweh, causeth the gazelles to bring forth, and hath stript forests; and, in his own temple, every one there, is saying, Glory!

10 Yahweh, at the Flood, was seated, And Yahweh hath taken his seat, as king, unto times age-abiding.

11 Yahweh, will give, strength to his people,Yahweh, will bless his people with prosperity.