Salmos 20

1 Yahweh answer thee, in the day of distress, The Name of the God of Jacob give thee safety;

2 Send thy help out of the sanctuary, and, out of Zion, sustain thee;

3 Remember every present of thine, and, thine ascending-sacrifice, esteem. Selah.

4 Give thee according to thy heart, and, all thy purposes, fulfil.

5 We will shout aloud in thy salvation, and, in the Name of our God, shall we become great, Yahweh fulfil all thy petitions.

6 Now, do I know that Yahweh, hath saved, his Anointed One,He answereth him out of his holy heavens, by the mighty saving deeds of his own right hand.

7 These, by chariots, and, those, by horses, but, we, by the Name of Yahweh our God, will prevail.

8 They, have bowed down and fallen, but, we, have arisen, and stand upright.

9 Yahweh, hath saved the king. Answer us, then, on the day when we call.