Zacarias 10

1 Ask ye from Yahweh rain, in the time of the latter rain, Yahweh, who causeth flashes of lightning,and, rain in abundant showers, giveth he unto them, to every man, herbage in the field;

2 For, the household gods, have spoken vanity, and, the diviners, have had vision of falsehood, and, deceitful dreams, do they relate, vainly, do they console,for this reason, have they moved about like a flock, they suffer ill, because there is no shepherd.

3 Against the shepherds, is kindled mine anger, and, upon the leaders of the flock, will I bring punishment,for Yahweh of hosts hath visited his flock, the house of Judah, and will make them like his noble horse in battle:

4 From him, the commander, from him, the supporter, from him, the war-bow,from him, shall proceed every one that driveth on, together;

5 So shall they become like mighty ones, trampling on the mire of lanes, in battle, and they will fight because, Yahweh, is with them,and will abash the riders of horses.

6 So will I make mighty ones of the house of Judah, and, the house of Joseph, will I save, and will cause them to continue, because I have had compassion upon them, So shall they be as though I had not rejected them,for, I, Yahweh, will be their God, and will answer them;

7 And they shall be as the mighty one of Ephraim, and their heart, shall rejoice, as through wine,yea, their children, shall see and rejoice, their heart, shall exult, in Yahweh.

8 I will signal for them, and will gather them, because I have ransomed them,and they shall multiply, according as they have multiplied;

9 Though I scatter them among the peoples, yet, in places far away, shall they remember me,and they shall live with their children, and shall return;

10 And I will bring them back out of the land of Egypt, and, out of Assyria, will I gather them,and, into the land of Gilead and Lebanon, will I bring them, and shall not be found for them:

11 Though he pass through a sea of affliction, yet shall he smite the sea, with its waves, and the roaring depths of the Nile, shall appear dry,So shall be brought down the pride of Assyria, and, the sceptre of Egypt, shall depart;

12 And I will make them mighty in Yahweh, and, in his name, shall they march to and fro,Declareth Yahweh.