1 Wherfore sence we coulde no lenger forbeare it pleased vs to remayne at Athens alone

2 and sent Timotheus oure brother and minister of god and oure laboure felowe in the gospell of Christ to stablysshe you and to coforte you over youre fayth

3 yt no ma shulde be moved in these affliccios. For ye youre selves knowe that we are even apoynted therevnto.

4 For verely when I was with you I tolde you before that we shulde suffre tribulacion even as it came to passe and as ye knowe.

5 For this cause when I coulde no lenger forbeare I sent that I myght have knowledge of youre fayth lest haply the tempter had tempted you and that oure laboure had bene bestowed in vayne.

6 But now lately whe Timotheus came fro you vnto vs and declared to vs youre fayth and youre love and how that ye have good remembraunce of vs all wayes desyringe to se vs as we desyre to se you.

7 Therfore brethre we had consolacion in you in all oure adversite and necessite through youre fayth.

8 For now are we alyve yf ye stonde stedfast in the lorde.

9 For what thankes can we recompence to god agayne for you over all the ioye that we ioye for youre sakes before oure god

10 whyle we nyght and daye praye excedingly that we myght se you presently and myght fulfill that wich is lackynge in youre fayth.

11 God him silfe oure father and oure lorde Iesus Christ gyde oure iorney vnto you:

12 and the lorde increace you and make you flowe ouer in love one towarde another and towarde all men even as we do towarde you

13 to make youre hertes stable and vnblameable in holynes before God oure father at the commynge of oure Lorde Iesus Christ with all his sainctes.