1 And I sawe another signe in heve grett and mervellous .vii. angells havynge the seven laste plages for in the is fulfylled ye wrath of god.

2 And I sawe as it were a glassye see mingled with fyre and the that had gotten victory of the beest and of his ymage and of his marke and of the nombre of his name stode on the glassye see havinge ye harpes of god

3 and they songe the songe of Moses the servaunt of god and the songe of the lambe sayinge. Gret and marvellous are thy workes Lorde god almyghty iuste and true are thy wayes kynge of saynctes.

4 Who shall not feare o lorde and gloryfy thy name? For thou only arte holy and all gentylls shall come and worshippe before the for thy iudgmentes are made manyfeste.

5 And after that I loked and beholde ye temple of the tabernacle of testimony was opyn in heven

6 and the seven angelles cam out of the temple which had the seven plages clothed in pure and bryght lynnen and havynge their brestes gyrded with golden gerdelles.

7 And one of the fowre beestes gave vnto ye seve angells vii. golden vialles full of ye wrath of God which lyveth for ever more.

8 And the temple was full of the smoke of the glory of God and of his power and no man was able to entre into the temple tyll the seven plages of the seven angels were fulfilled.