1 And thou shalt make an altare of sethim wodd: fyue cubettes longe ad .v. cubettes brode, that it be fouresquare, and .iij. cubettes hye.

2 And make it hornes proceding out in the .iiij. corners of it, and couer it with brasse.

3 And make his asshepannes, shovels, basens, fleshhokes, fyrepannes and all the apparell there of, of brasse

4 after the fascyon of a net, ad put apon the nette .iiij. rynges: euen in the .iiij. corners of it,

5 and put it beneth vnder the compasse of the altare, and let the net reache vnto the one halfe of the altare,

6 And make staues for the altare of sethim wodd, and couer the wyth brasse,

7 and let them be put in rynges alonge by the sydes off the altare, to bere it with all.

8 And make the altare holowe with bordes: euen as it was shewed the in the mount, so lett them make it,

9 And thou shalt make a courte vnto the habitacion, which shall haue in the south syde hagynges of twyned bysse, beyng an hundred cubettes longe,

10 and .xx. pilers thereof with there xx. sokettes of brasse: but the knoppes of the pilers and their whopes shalbe syluer.

11 In like wise on the north syde there shalbe hagynges of an hundred cubettes longe and .xx. pilers with their sokettes of brasse, and the knoppes and the whopes of syluer.

12 And in the bredth of the courte westwarde, there shalbe hangynges of fyftye cubettes longe, and .x. pilers with their .x. sokettes.

13 And in the bredth of the courte eastwarde towarde the rysynge of the sonne, shalbe hangynges of .l. cubyttes.

14 Hagynges of .xv. cubittes in the one syde of it with iij. pilers and .iij. sokettes:

15 and likewise on the other syde shalbe hangynges of .xv. cubettes with .iij. pilers and .iij. sokettes.

16 And in the gate of the courte shalbe a vayle of .xx. cubettes: of Iacyncte, scarlet, purpul and twyned bysse wroughte with nedle worke, and .iiij. pilers with their .iiij. sokettes.

17 All the pilers rounde aboute the courte shalbe whoped with syluer, and their knoppes of syluer, and their sokettes of brasse.

18 The length of the courte, shall be an hundred cubettes, and the bredth fiftye, and the heygth fyue, and the hangynges shalbe of twyned bysse and the sokettes of brasse.

19 And all the vessels of the habitacion to all maner seruyce ad the pynnes there of: ye and the pynne also of the courte, shalbe brasse.

20 And commaunde the childern of Israel that they geue the pure oyle olyue beaten for the lyghtes to poure all way in to the lampes.

21 In the tabernacle of witnesse without the vayle wich is before the wytnesse, shall Aaron ad his sonnes dresse it both even and mornynge before the Lorde: And it shalbe a dewtie for euer vnto youre generacyous after you: to be geuen of the childern of Israel.