1 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses after the deeth of the two sonnes of Aaron, when they had offered before the Lorde and dyed:

2 And he sayde vnto Moses: speake vnto Aaron thy brother that he go not at all tymes in to the holy place, that is whithin the vayle that hangeth before the mercyseate which is apon the arcke that he dye not. For I will appeare in a clowde vpon the mercyseate.

3 But of this maner shall Aaron goo in in to the holy place: with a yonge oxe for a synneofferynge, and a ram for a burntoffrynge.

4 And he shall put the holy lynen albe apon him, ad shall haue a lynen breche vppon his flesh, and shall gyrde him with a lynen gyrdell, and put the lynen mytre apon his heede: for they are holy raymentes. And he shall wasshe his flesh with water, and put them on.

5 And he shall take of the multitude of the childern of Israel two gootes for a synneoffrynge and a ram for a burntofferynge.

6 And Aaron shall offer the oxe for his synneoffrynge and make an attonement for him ad for his housse.

7 And he shall take the two gootes and present them before the Lorde in the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse.

8 And Aaro cast lottes ouer the .ij. gootes: one lotte for the Lorde, ad another for a scapegoote.

9 And Aaron shall bringe the goote apo which the Lordes lotte fell, and offer him for a synneofferynge.

10 But the goote on which the lotte fell to scape, he shall sett alyue before the Lorde to recocyle with ad to let him goo fre in to the wildernesse.

11 And Aaron shall bringe the oxe of his synoffrynge, ad reconcyle for him selfe ad for his housholde, and kyll him.

12 And tha he shall take a censer full of burninge coles out of the alter that is before the Lorde, and his handfull of swete cens beten small and bringe them within the vayle

13 and put the cens apon the fire before the Lorde: that the cloude of the cens maye couer the mercyseate that is apon the witnesse, that he dye not.

14 And he shall take of the bloude of the oxe ad sprinkle it with his finger before the mercyseate eastwarde: euen .vij. tymes.

15 Then shall he kyll the goote that is the peoples synneofferynge, and brynge hys bloude within the vayle, and doo with his bloude as he dyd with the bloude of the oxe, and let him sprinkle it toward the mercyseate and before the mercyseate:

16 ad reconcyle the holy place fro the vnclennesse of the childern of Israel, and from their trespaces ad all there synnes. And so let him doo also vnto the tabernacle of witnesse that dwelleth with them, eue among their vnclennesses.

17 And there shalbe no bodye in the tabernacle of witnesse, when he goeth in to make an attonement in the holy place, vntyll he come out agayne. And he shall make an attonement for him selfe and for his housholde, ad for all the multitude of Israel.

18 Then he shall goo out vnto the alter that stondeth before the Lorde, and reconcyle it, and shall take of the bloude of the oxe and of the bloude of the goote, and put it apon the hornes of the altare rounde aboute,

19 and sprynckle of the bloude apon it with his finger seuen tymes, and clense it, and halowe it fro the vnclennesses of the childern of Israel.

20 And whe he hath made an ende of recocylinge the holy place and the tabernacle of witnesse ad the alter, let him bringe the lyue goote

21 ad let Aaro put both his handes apon the heede of the lyue goote, and confesse ouer him all the mysdeades of the childern of Israell, and all their trespaces, and all their synnes: and let him put them apo the heed of the goote ad sende him awaye by the handes of one that is acoynted in the wyldernesse.

22 And the goote shall bere apon him all their mysdeades vnto the wildernesse, and he shall let the goote goo fre in the wildernesse.

23 And let Aaron goo in to the tabernacle of wytnesse and put off the lyne clothes which he put on when he wet in in to the holy place, ad leaue them there.

24 And let him wasshe his flesh with water in the holy place, and put on his owne rayment and then come out and offer his burntofferynge and the burntofferynge of the people, and make an atonemet for him selfe ad for the people,

25 and the fatt of the synofferynge let him burne apon the alter.

26 And let him that caryed forth the scapegoote, wasshe his clothes and bathe hys flesh in water and then come in to the hoste agayne.

27 And the oxe of the synofferynge and the goote of the synofferynge (whose bloude was brought in to make an atonemet in the holy place) let one carye out without the hoste and burne with fyre: both their skynnes, their flesh ad their donge.

28 And let him that burneth them, wasshe his clothes ad bathe his flesh in water, and the come in to the hoste agayne.

29 And it shalbe an ordynaunce for euer vnto you. And eue in the tenth daye of the seuenth moneth, ye shall humble youre soules and shall doo no worke at all: whether it be one of youre selues or a straunger that sogeorneth amonge you.

30 for that daye shall an attonemet be made for you to clense you from all youre synnes before the Lorde and ye shalbe cleane.

31 It shalbe a sabbath of rest vnto you and ye shall humble youre soules and it shalbe an ordynaunce for euer.

32 And the preast that is anoynted and whose hande was fylled to mynistre in his fathers steade shall make the attonemet and shall put on the holy lyne vestimetes

33 and reconcyle the holy sanctuary and the tabernacle of witnesse ad the alter, and shall make an attonemet also for the preastes and for all the people of the congregacion.

34 And this shalbe an euerlastynge ordynaunce vnto you to make an atonement for the childern of Israel for all their synnes once a yere: and it was done eue as the Lorde commaunded Moses.