1 And as he went out of the teple one of his disciples sayde vnto him: Master se what stones and what byldynges are here.

2 And Iesus answered and sayde vnto him: Seist thou these greate byldinges? There shall not be leefte one stone vpon a another that shall not be throwen doune.

3 And as he sate on moute olivete over agest the teple Peter and Iames and Iohn and Andrew axed him secretly:

4 tell vs when shall these thinges be? And what is ye signe whe all these thinges shalbe fulfilled?

5 And Iesus answered the and bega to saye: take hede lest eny man deceave you.

6 For many shall come in my name sayinge: I am Christ and shall deceave many.

7 When ye shall heare of warre and tydinges of warre be ye not troubled. For soche thinges muste nedes be. But the ende is not yet.

8 For ther shall nacion aryse agaynste nacion and kyngdome agaynst kyngdome. And ther shalbe erth quakes in all quarters and famyshment and troubles. These are the begynnynge of sorowes.

9 But take ye hede to youre selves. For they shall bringe you vp to ye counsels and into ye synagoges and ye shalbe beaten: ye and shalbe brought before rulers and kynges for my sake for a testimoniall vnto them.

10 And the gospell must fyrste be publysshed amoge all nacions.

11 But when they leade you and present you toke noo thought afore honde what ye shall saye nether ymagion: but whatsoever is geve you at the same tyme that speake. For it shall not be ye that shall speake but ye holy goost.

12 Ye and the brother shall delyvre the brother to deeth and the father the sonne and the chyldre shall ryse agaynste their fathers and mothers and shall put them to deeth.

13 And ye shalbe hated of all men for my names sake. But whosoever shall endure vnto the ende the same shalbe safe.

14 Moreover whe ye se the abhominacio that betokeneth desolacion wherof is spoken by Daniel the Prophet stonde where it ought not let him that redeth vnderstonde. Then let them that be in Iurie fle to the mountaynes.

15 And let him that is on the housse toppe not descende doune into the housse nether entre therin to fetche eny thinge oute of his housse.

16 And let hym that is in the felde not tourne backe agayne vnto the thinges which he leeft behynde him for to take his cloothes with him.

17 Woo is then to them that are wt chylde and to them that geve soucke in thoose dayes.

18 But praye that youre flyght be not in the wynter.

19 For ther shalbe in those dayes suche tribulacion as was not from the begynninge of creatures which God created vnto this tyme nether shalbe.

20 And excepte yt the Lorde shuld shorten those dayes no ma shuld be saved. But for the electes sake which he hath chosen he hath shortened those dayes.

21 And then yf eny man saye to you: loo here is Christ: loo he is there beleve not.

22 For falce Christes shall aryse and falce Prophetes and shall shewe myracles and wondres to deceave yf it were possible evyn the electe.

23 But take ye hede: beholde I have shewed you all thinges before.

24 Moreover in thoose dayes after that tribulacio the sunne shall wexe darke and the mone shall not geve her light

25 and the starres of heven shall fall: and the powers wich are in heven shall move.

26 And then shall they se the sonne of man comynge in the cloudes with greate power and glory.

27 And then shall he sende his angels and shall gaddre to gedder his electe from the fower wyndes and from the one ende of the worlde to the other.

28 Learne a similitude of ye fygge tree. When his braunches are yet tender and hath brought forthe leves ye knowe that sommer is neare.

29 So in lyke maner when ye se these thinges come to passe: vnderstond that it ys nye even at the dores.

30 Verely I saye vnto you yt this generacion shall not passe tyll all these thinges be done.

31 Heven and erth shall passe but my wordes shall not passe.

32 But of the daye and the houre knoweth no ma: no not the angels which are in heven: nether the sonne him silfe save the father only.

33 Take hede watche and praye for ye knowe not when the tyme ys.

34 As a man which is gone in to a straunge countrey and hath lefte hys housse and geven auctorite to his servautes and to every man hys worke and commaunded the porter to watche.

35 Watche therfore for ye knowe not when the master of ye housse will come whether at eve or at mydnyght whether at the cocke crowynge or in the daunynge:

36 lest yf he come sodenly he shuld fynde you slepynge.

37 And that I saye vnto you I saye vnto all men watche.