1 And the people waxed vnpacient vnd it displeased the eares of the Lorde. And when the Lorde herde it he was wroth and the fyre of the Lorde burnt amonge them and consumed the vtter most of the hoste.

2 And the people cried vnto Moses and he made intercession vnto the Lorde and the fyre qwenched.

3 And they called ye name of the place Tabera because the fyre of the Lorde burnt amonge them.

4 And the rascall people that was amonge them fell a lustynge And the childern of Ysrael also went to and wepte and sayde: who shall geue us flesh to eate?

5 we remembre the fysh which we shulde eate in Egipte for noughte and of the Cucumbers and melouns lekes onyouns and garleke.

6 But now oure soules ar dryed a waye for oure eyes loke on nothynge els saue apon Manna.

7 The Manna was as it had bene coriander seed and to see to lyke Bedellion.

8 And ye people went aboute and gathered it and groude it in milles or bett it in morters and boke it in pannes and made cakes of it. And the rast of it was like vnto the rast of an oylecake

9 And when the dewe fell aboute ye hoste in the nyghte the Manna fell therewithe.

10 And when Moses herde the people wepe in their housholdes euery man in the dore of his tent then the wrath of the Lorde waxed whote excedyngly: and it greued Moses also.

11 And Moses sayde vnto the Lorde: wherfore dealest thou so cruelly with thi seruaunte ? wherfore doo I not fynde fauoure in thi syghte seynge that thou puttest the weyght of this people apon me?

12 haue I conceyued all this people or haue I begote them that thou shuldest saye vnto me carye them in thi bosome (as a nurse beareth the suckynge childe) vnto the londe which thou swarest vnto their fathers ?

13 where shulde I haue flesh to geue vnto all this people? for they wepe vnto me sayenge: geue us flesh that we maye eate.

14 I am not able to bere all this people alone for it is to heuy for me.

15 Wherfore yf thou deale thus with me kyll me I praye the yf I haue founde fauoure in thi syght and let me not se my wrechidnesse.

16 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: gather vnto me .lxx. of the elders of Ysrael which thou knowest that they are the elders of ye peple and officers ouer them and brynge them vnto the tabernacle of witnesse and let them stonde there with the.

17 And I wyll come doune and talke with the there and take of yt spirite which is apon the and put apon them ad they shall bere with the in the burthen of the people and so shalt thou not beare alone.

18 And saye vnto ye people: halowe youre selues agenst to morow that ye maye eate flesh for ye haue whyned in the eares of the Lorde saynge: who shall geue vs flesh to eate for we were happie when we were in Egipte? therfore the Lorde will geue you flesh and ye shall eate:

19 Ye shall not eate one daye only ether .ij. or .v. dayes ether .x. or .xx. dayes:

20 but euen a moneth longe ad vntill it come out at the nostrels of you that ye be ready to perbrake: because that ye haue cast ye Lorde a syde which is amonge you and haue wepte before him saynge: why came we out of Egipte.

21 And Moses sayde: sixe hundred thousande fotemen are there of the people amonge which I am. And thou hast sayde: I will geue them flesh and they shall eate a moneth loge

22 Shall the shepe ad the oxen be slayne for them to fynde them ether shall all the fysh of the see be gathered together to serue them?

23 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: is the lordes hande waxed shorte? Thou shalt se whether my worde shall come to passe vnto the or not.

24 And moses went out and tolde the people the sayenge of the Lorde and gathered the lxx. elders of the people and sett them rounde aboute the tabernacle.

25 And the Lorde came doune in a cloude and spake vnto him ad toke of the sprete that was apon him ad put it apon the .lxx. elders. And as the spirite rested apon them they prophecied and did nought els.

26 But there remayned .ij. of ye me in the hoste: the one called Eldad ad the other Medad. And the spirite rested apon them for they were of them that were written but they wet not out vnto the tabernacle: and they prophecied in the hoste.

27 And there ran a younge man and tolde Moses and sayed: Eldad ad Medad do prophecye in the hoste.

28 And Iosua the sonne of Nu the seruaunte of Moses which he had chosen out answered and sayed: master Moses forbyd them.

29 And Moses sayed vnto him: enuyest thou for my sake? wolde God that all the Lordes people coude prophecye and that the Lorde wolde put his spirite apon them.

30 And then both Moses and the elders of Israel gat them in to the hoste.

31 And there went forth a wynde fro ye lorde and brought quayles from the see and let them fall aboute the hoste euen a dayes iurney rounde aboute on euery syde of the hoste and .ij. cubetes hye apon the erth.

32 And the people stode vpp all that nyghte and on the morowe ad gathered quayles. And he that gathered the lest gathered .x. homers full. And they kylled them rounde aboute the hoste

33 And whyle the flesh was yet betwene their teeth yet it was chewed vpp the wrath of the Lorde waxed whote apon the people and the Lorde slewe of the people an exceadynge myghtie slaughter.

34 And they called the name of the place the graues of lust: because they buried the people that lusted there.

35 And the people toke their iurney from the graues of lust vnto hazeroth and bode at ha eroth.