1 Warne the that they submitte them selves to rule and power to obey the officers that they be readie vnto all good workes

2 that they speake evyll of no ma that they be no fyghters but softe shewynge all meknes vnto all men.

3 For we oure selves also were in tymes past vnwyse disobedient deceaved in daunger to lustes and to diuers maners of volupteousnes livynge in maliciousnes and envie full of hate hatinge one another.

4 But after that the kyndnes and love of oure saveoure God to mawarde appered

5 not of ye dedes of rightewesnes which we wrought but of his mercie he saved vs by ye foutayne of the newe birth and with the renuynge of the holy goost

6 which he shed on vs aboundantly thorow Iesus Christ oure saveoure

7 that we once iustified by his grace shuld be heyres of eternall lyfe thorowe hope

8 This is a true sayinge. Of these thinges I wolde thou shuldest certifie that they which beleve God myght be diligent to go forwarde in good workes. These thinges are good and proffitable vnto me.

9 Folisshe questions and genealogies and braulinges and stryfe aboute the lawe avoyde for they are vnproffitable and superfluous.

10 A ma that is geue to heresie after the fyrst and the seconde admonicion avoyde

11 remembrynge that he that is soche is perverted and synneth even damned by his awne iudgement.

12 When I shall sende Artemas vnto the or Tichicus be diliget to come to me vnto Nichopolis. For I have determined ther to wynter.

13 Brynge zenas ye lawear and Apollos on their iorney diligently that nothynge be lackynge vnto them.

14 And let oures olso learne to excell in good workes as farforth as nede requyreth that they be not vnfrutefull.

15 All that are with me salute the. Grete them that love vs in the fayth. Grace be with you all Amen.