Sirach 1

1 All wisdom is from Yahweh, And is with him for eternity.

2 The sand of the seas, and the drops of rain, And the days of eternity: who can number [them]?

3 The height of heaven, and the width of the earth, And the depth of the deep: who can trace [them] out?

4 Before all things, wisdom was allotted, And prudent understanding from eternity.

6 The root of wisdom, to whom has it been revealed? And her subtleties, who has known [them]?

8 There is one, he alone is to be feared, Yahweh, he rules over her treasuries;

9 He allotted her and numbered her, And poured her out on all his works,

10 Among all flesh according to his gift, And he supplied her to those who fear him.

14 The beginning of wisdom is the fear of Yahweh, And with the faithful, she was interwoven in the womb;

15 With men from of old, she made her nest, And with their seed, she will continue.

16 The abundance of wisdom is the fear of Yahweh, And she soaks them with her nectar.

17 Their whole house she will fill with delicacies, And their storehouses with her produce.

18 The crown of wisdom is the fear of Yahweh, Blossoming with peace and healing health.

19 She gushed out skill and understanding of knowledge; And exalted the glory of those who hold her fast.

20 The root of wisdom is to fear Yahweh, And her branches are length of days.

25 In the treasures of wisdom there is a wise proverb; But wisdom is a curse to sinners.

26 Blessed is the man who meditates on her, For wisdom is better to him than all treasures.

27 Blessed is the man who draws near to her, And who occupies himself with her commandments.