2 Crônicas 17

1 Forsothe Josaphat, his sone, regnyde for hym; and he hadde the maistrye ayens Israel.

2 And he settide noumbris of knyytis in alle the citees of Juda, that weren cumpassid with wallis, and he disposide strong holdis in the lond of Juda, and in the citees of Effraym, whiche Asa, his fadir, hadde take.

3 And the Lord was with Josaphat, whiche yede in the firste weies of Dauid, his fadir; he hopide not in Baalym,

4 but in the Lord God of Dauid, his fadir, and he yede in the comaundementis of God, and not bi the synnes of Israel.

5 And the Lord confermyde the rewme in his hond; and al Juda yaf yiftis to Josaphat, and ritchessis with outen noumbre, and myche glorie weren maad to hym.

6 And whanne his herte hadde take hardynesse for the weies of the Lord, he took awei also hiy placis and wodis fro Juda.

7 Forsothe in the thridde yeer of his rewme he sente of hise princes Benail, and Abdie, and Zacarie, and Nathanael, and Mychee, that thei schulden teche in the citees of Juda;

8 and with hem he sente dekenes Semeye, and Nathanye, and Zabadie, and Azahel, and Semyramoth, and Jonathan, and Adonye, and Thobie, and Abadonye, dekenes; and with hem `he sente Elisama and Joram, preestis;

9 and thei tauyten the puple in Juda, and hadden the book of the lawe of the Lord; and thei cumpassiden alle the citees of Juda, and tauyten al the puple.

10 Therfor the drede of the Lord was maad on al the rewmes of londis, that weren `bi cumpas of Juda; and tho dursten not fiyte ayens Josaphat.

11 But also Filisteis brouyten yiftis to Josaphat, and tol of siluer; and men of Arabie brouyten scheep seuene thousynde, and seuene hundrid of wetheris, and so many buckis of geet.

12 Therfor Josaphat encreesside, and was magnified `til in to an hiy; and he bildide in Juda housis at the licnesse of touris, and stronge citees;

13 and he made redi many werkis in the citees of Juda. Also men werriouris and stronge men weren in Jerusalem;

14 of whiche this is the noumbre, `bi the housis and meynees of alle in Juda. Duyk Eduas was prince of the oost, and with hym weren thre hundrid thousynde ful stronge men.

15 Aftir hym was Johannan prince, and with hym weren two hundrid thousynde and foure scoore thousynde.

16 After this also Amasye, the sone of Zechri, was halewid to the Lord, and with hym weren two hundrid thousynde of stronge men.

17 Eliada myyti to batels suede this Amasie, and with hym weren two hundrid thousynde of men holdynge bouwe and scheeld.

18 Aftir this was also Josaphat, and with hym weren an hundrid thousynde and foure scoore thousynde of redi knyytis.

19 Alle these weren at the hond of the kyng, outakun othere, whiche he hadde put in wallid cytees and in al Juda.