2 Crônicas 37

1 Lord God Almyyti of our fadris, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and of her iust seed, which madist heuene and erthe with al the ournyng of tho, which hast markid the see bi the word of `thi comaundement, which hast closid to gidere the depthe of watris, and hast markid to thi ferdful and preysable name, which alle men dreden, `and tremblen of the cheer of thi vertu, and the ire of thi manassyng on synneris `is vnsuffrable, `ether may not be susteyned. Sotheli the merci of thi biheest is fulgreet and `vnserchable, ether may not be comprehendid `bi mannus wit; for `thou art the Lord moost hiy ouer al erthe; thou art pacient, and myche merciful, and `doynge penaunce on the malices of men. Treuli, Lord, thou bi thi goodnesse hast bihiyt penaunce of foryyuenesse of synnes; and thou, God of iust men, hast not set penaunce to iust men, to Abraham, Ysaac, and Jacob, to hem that synneden not ayens thee. For Y haue synned more than the noumbre is of the grauel of the see; my wickidnessis ben multiplied. Y am bowid with myche boond of yrun, and no brething is to me; for Y haue stirid thi wrathfulnesse, and Y haue doon yuel bifor thee, `and Y haue set abhomynaciouns, and `Y haue multiplied offensiouns. And now Y bowe the knees of myn herte, and biseche goodnesse of thee, Lord. Y haue synned, Lord; Y haue synned, and Y knowleche my wickidnesse. Y axe, and preye thee, Lord; foryyue thou to me, foryyue thou to me; leese thou me not togidire with my wickidnessis, nether reserue thou yuels to me withouten ende. For, Lord, bi thi greet merci thou schalt saue me vnworthi, and Y schal herie thee euere in alle the daies of my lijf; for al the vertu of heuenes herieth thee, and to thee is glorie in to worldis of worldis. Amen.