Tobit 9

1 Thanne Tobie clepide to hym the aungel, whom sotheli he gesside a man. And Tobie seide to hym, Azarie, brother, Y axe, that thou herkne my wordis.

2 Thouy Y bitake my silf seruaunt to thee, Y schal not be euene worthi to thi puruyaunce.

3 Netheles Y biseche thee, that thou take to thee beestis, ethir seruyces, and go thou to Gabelus `in to Rages, a citee of Medeis, and yelde to hym his obligacioun; and take of hym the money, and preie hym to come to my weddyngis.

4 For thou woost, that my fadir noumbrith the daies, and yf Y tarie o dai more, his soule schal be maad sorie.

5 And certis thou seest, hou Raguel hath chargid me, whos chargyng Y mai not dispise.

6 Thanne Raphael took foure of the seruauntis of Raguel, and twei camels, and yede in to Rages, a citee of Medeis, and he foond Gabelus, and yaf to hym his obligacioun, and resseyuede of hym al the monei;

7 and he schewide to hym of Tobie, the sone of Tobie, alle thingis that weren doon. And he made Gabelus come with hym to the weddyngis.

8 And whanne he entride in to the hows of Raguel, he foond Tobie sittynge at the mete; and `he skippide vp, and thei kissiden hem silf togidere.

9 And Gabelus wepte, and blesside God, and seide, The Lord God of Israel blesse thee, for thou art the sone of a ful good man, and iust, and dredynge God, and doynge almesdedis;

10 and blessing be seid on thi wijf, and on youre fadris and modris,

11 and se ye youre sones, and the sones of youre sones, til in to the thridde and the fourthe generacioun; and youre seed be blessid of God of Israel, that regneth in `to the worldis of worldis.

12 And whanne alle men hadden seid Amen, thei yeden to `the feeste; but also thei vsiden the feeste of weddyngis with the drede of the Lord.