Tobit 12

1 Thanne Tobie clepide to hym his sone, and seide to hym, What moun we yyue to this hooli man, that cam with thee?

2 Tobie answeride, and seide to his fadir, Fadir, what meede schulen we yyue to hym, ether what mai be worthi to hise benefices?

3 He ledde, and `brouyte me hool ayen; he resseyuede of Gabelus the monei; he made me to haue a wijf, and he droof awei the feend fro hir; he made ioie to hir fadir and moder; he delyuerede `my silf fro the deuouryng of a fisch; and he made thee to se the liyt of heuene; and we ben fillid with alle goodis bi hym; what thing worthi to these thingis moun we yyue to hym?

4 But, fadir, Y axe thee, that thou preie hym, if perauenture he schal vouche saaf to take to hym the half of alle thingis, what euer thingis ben brouyt.

5 And the fadir and the sone clepiden hym, and token hym asidis half, and bigunnen to preie, that he wolde vouche saaf to haue acceptable the half part of alle thingis, whiche thei hadden brouyt.

6 Thanne he seide to hem priueli, Blesse ye God of heuene, and knouleche ye to hym bifor alle men lyuynge, for he hath do his merci with you.

7 For it is good to hide the priuyte of a kyng; but it is worschipful to schewe and knowleche the werkis of God.

8 Preier is good with fastyng, and almes, more than to hide tresouris of gold;

9 for whi almes delyuereth fro deth, and thilke almes it is that purgith synnes, and makith to fynde euerlastynge lijf.

10 Forsothe thei that doon synne and wickidnesse, ben enemyes of her soule.

11 Therfor Y schewe trewthe to you, and Y schal not hide fro you a pryuy word.

12 Whane thou preyedist with teeris, and biryedist deed men, and `forsokist the meete, and hiddist deed men bi dai in thin hows, and biriedist `in the nyyt, Y offride thi preier to the Lord.

13 And for thou were acceptable to God, it was nedeful that temptacioun schulde preue thee.

14 And now the Lord sente me `for to cure thee, and to delyuere Sare, the wijf of thi sone, fro the fend.

15 For Y am Raphael, the aungel, oon of the seuene that ben present bifor the Lord.

16 And whanne thei hadden herd this, thei weren disturblid, and felden tremblynge on her face.

17 And the aungel seide to hem, Pees be to you, nyle ye drede;

18 for whanne Y was with you, Y was bi Goddis wille. Blesse ye hym, and synge ye to hym.

19 Sotheli Y semyde to ete and drynke with you; but Y vse vnuysible meete, and drynk that mai not be seyn of men.

20 Therfor it is tyme, that Y turne ayen to hym, that sente me; but blesse ye God, and telle ye out alle hise merueils; blesse ye hym, and synge ye to hym.

21 And whanne he hadde seide these thingis, he was takun awei fro her siyt; and thei myyten no more se hym.

22 Thanne thei felden doun `bi thre ouris on the face, and blessiden God; and thei risynge vp telden alle hise merueils.