Tobit 11

1 And whanne `thei turneden ayen, thei camen to Carram, which is in the myddil of the weie ayens Nynyue, `in the eleuenthe dai.

2 And the aungel seide, Tobie brother, thou woost, hou thou leftist thi fadir.

3 Therfor if it plesith thee, go we bifore; and the meineis, with thi wijf togidere and with the beestis, sue oure weie with soft goynge.

4 And whanne this pleside, that thei schulden go, Raphael seide to Tobie, Take with thee of the galle of the fisch, for it schal be nedeful. Therfor Tobie took of that galle, and thei yeden forth.

5 Forsothe Anne sat bisidis the weie ech dai in the cop of the hil, fro whennus sche myyte biholde fro afer.

6 And while sche bihelde fro the same place the comyng of hym, sche siy a fer, and knew anoon hir sone comynge; and sche ran, and telde to hir hosebonde, and seide, Lo! thi sone cometh.

7 And Raphael seide to Tobie, And whanne thou hast entrid in to thin hows, anoon worschipe `thi Lord God, and do thou thankyngis to hym, and neiye to thi fadir, and kisse hym.

8 And anoon anoynte on hise iyen of this galle of the fisch, which galle thou berist with thee; for `whi wite thou, that anoon hise iyen schulen be openyd, and `thi fadir schal se the liyt of heuene, and he schal be ioiful in thi siyt.

9 Thanne the dogge `ran bifore, `that was togidere in the weie, and made ioie with the faunyng of his tail, as a messanger comynge.

10 And his blynde fadir roos vp, and bigan to renne, hirtynge `in the feet, and whanne he hadde youe hond to a child, he ran ayens his sone.

11 And he resseyuede and kisside hym, `with his wijf, and bothe bigunnen to wepe for ioie.

12 And whanne thei hadden worschipid God, and hadden do thankyngis, thei saten togidere.

13 Thanne Tobie took of the galle of the fisch, and anoyntide the iyen of his fadir.

14 And he abood as half an our almest, and the web, as the litil skyn of an ey, bigan to go out of hise iyen.

15 Which web Tobie took, and drow fro hise iyen, and anoon he resseyuede siyt.

16 And thei glorifieden God, that is, he, and his wijf, and alle that knewen hym.

17 And Tobie seide, Lord God of Israel, Y blesse thee, for thou hast chastisid me, and thou hast saued me; and lo! Y se Tobie, my sone.

18 Also Sare, the wijf of his sone, entride aftir seuene daies, and alle the meynees, and the beestis hoole, and camels, and miche monei of the wijf, but also the money which `he hadde resseyued of Gabelus.

19 And he telde to his fadir and modir alle the benefices of God, whiche he hadde do aboute hym bi the man, that hadde led hym.

20 And Achior and Nabath, the `sistir sones of Tobie, camen ioiful to Tobie, and thankiden hym of alle the `goodis, whiche God hadde schewid aboute hym.

21 And bi seuene daies thei eeten, and ioyden with greet ioye.