Tobit 5

1 Thanne Tobie answeride to his fadir, and seide, Fadir, Y schal do alle thingis, which euer thou comaundidist to me;

2 but Y noot, hou Y schal gete this money; he knowith not me, and Y knowe not him; what tokyn schal Y yyue to hym? but nether Y knew ony tyme the weie, bi which me goith thidur.

3 Thanne his fadir answerid to hym, and seide, Sotheli Y haue this obligacioun at me, which the while thou schewist to him, he schal restore anoon the monei.

4 But go now, and enquere to thee sum feithful man, that schal go with thee for his hire saf, `the while Y lyue yit, that thou resseyue that monei.

5 Thanne Tobie yede out, and foond a yong oon stondynge, `schynynge, and gird, and as redi to go;

6 and he wiste not, that it was the angel of God. And he grette the yong oon, and seide, Of whennus han we thee, goode yonge man?

7 And he answeride, Of the sones of Israel. And Tobie seide to hym, Knowist thou the weie, that ledith in to the cuntrei of Medeis?

8 To whom he answeride, Y knowe, and Y haue go ofte alle the weies therof, and Y haue dwellid at Gabelus, youre brother, that dwellith in Rages, a citee of Medeis, which is set in `the hil of Echbathanis.

9 To whom Tobie seide, Y biseche, abide thou me, til Y telle these thingis to my fader.

10 Thanne Tobie entride, and telde alle these thingis to his fader; on which thingis the fader wondride, and preiede, that he wolde entre to him.

11 Therfor he entride, and grette Tobie, and seide, Ioie be euere to thee!

12 And Tobie seide, What maner ioie schal be to me, that sitte in derknessis, and se not `the liyt of heuene?

13 To whom the yong oon seide, Be thou of strong wit; it is in the nexte that thou be heelid of God.

14 Therfor Tobie seide to hym, Whether thou maist lede my sone to Gabelus in to Rages, the citee of Medeis, and whanne thou comest ayen, Y schal restore thi mede to thee?

15 And the aungel seide to hym, Y schal lede, and bringe ayen him hool to thee.

16 To whom Tobie answeride, Y preie thee, schewe to me, of what hows, ether of what lynage thou art?

17 To whom Raphael, the aungel, seide, Axist thou the kyn of the hirid man, ethir the hirid man hym silf, that schal go with thi sone?

18 But lest perauenture Y make thee douteful, Y am Azarie, the sone of grete Ananye.

19 And Tobie answeride, Thou art of greet kyn; but Y axe, that thou be not wrooth, that Y wolde knowe thi kyn.

20 Forsothe the aungel seide to hym, Y schal lede thi sone hool, and Y schal bring ayen to thee `thi sone hool.

21 Sotheli Tobie answeride, and seide, Wel `go ye, and the Lord be in youre weie, and his aungel go with you.

22 Thanne whanne alle thingis weren redi, that schulden be borun in the weie, Tobie made `farewel to his fadir and his modir; and `bothe yeden togidere.

23 And whanne thei weren goon forth, his modir bigan to wepe, and to seie, Thou hast take the staf of oure eelde, and hast sent awey fro vs;

24 `Y wolde thilke monei were neuere, `for which thou sentist him;

25 oure pouert sufficide to vs, that we schulden arette this richessis, that we sien oure sone.

26 And Tobie seide to hir, `Nyle thou wepe; oure sone schal come saaf, and he schal turne ayen saaf to vs, and thin iyen schulen se hym.

27 For Y bileue, that the good aungel of God goith with him, and he schal dispose wel alle thingis, that ben doon aboute hym, so that he turne ayen with ioie to vs.

28 At this vois his moder ceesside to wepe, and was stille.