Tobit 7

1 `Forsothe thei entriden to Raguel; and Raguel resseyuede hem with ioie.

2 And Raguel bihelde Tobie, and seide to Anne, his wijf, This yong man is ful lijk my sister sone.

3 And whanne he hadde seid these thingis, he seide, Of whennus ben ye, yonge men, oure britheren? And thei seiden, We ben of the lynage of Neptalym, of the caitifte of Nynyue.

4 And Raguel seide to hem, Knowen ye Tobi, my brother? Whiche answeriden, We knowen him.

5 And `whanne he spak manye good thingis of Tobie, the aungel seide to Raguel, Tobie, of whom thou axist, is the fadir of this man.

6 Thanne Raguel bowede doun hym silf, and with teeris he kisside Tobie, and he wepte on his necke,

7 and seide, My sone, blessyng be to thee; for thou art the sone of a good and `a ful noble man.

8 And Anne, `his wijf, and Sare, `the douytir of hem, wepten.

9 Forsothe after that thei hadden spoke, Raguel comaundide a wethir to be slayn, and a feeste to be maad redi. And whanne he excitide hem to sitte doun to mete, Tobie seide,

10 Y schal not ete, nethir drynke here to dai, no but thou conferme first myn axyng, and biheete to yyue to me Sare, thi douyter.

11 And whanne this word was herd, Raguel dredde, witynge what bifelde to tho seuene men; and he bigan for to drede, lest perauenture it schulde bifalle in lijk maner to this Tobie. And whanne he doutide, and yaf noon answere to the axere,

12 the aungel seide to hym, Nyle thou drede to yyue hir to this man; for thi douyter `is due wiyf to this man dredynge God; therfor another man myyte not haue hir.

13 Thanne Raguel seide, Y doute not, that God hath resseyued my preieris and teeris in his siyt.

14 And Y bileue, that herfor the Lord made you come to me, that also this womman schulde be ioyned to her kynrede bi the lawe of Moises; and now nyle thou bere doute, that Y schal yyue hir to thee.

15 And he took the riyt hond of his douyter, and yaf to the riyt hond of Tobie, and seide, God of Abraham, and God of Isaac, and God of Jacob, be with you, and he ioyne you togidere, and `he fille his blessyng in you.

16 And whanne a chartere `was takun, thei maden `writyng togidere of the mariage.

17 And aftir these thingis thei eten, and blessiden God.

18 And Raguel clepide to hym Anne, his wijf, and comaundide hir to make redi another bed.

19 And sche ledde Sare, hir douytir, in to it, and sche wepte; and Anne seide to hir, My douyter, be thou of strong wit; the Lord of heuene yyue to thee ioie, for the anoie that thou suffridist.