Tobit 13

1 Forsothe the eldere Tobie openyde his mouth, and blesside God, and seide, Lord, thou art greet with outen ende, and thi rewme is in to `alle worldis;

2 for thou betist, and makist saaf; thou ledist doun to hellis, and `ledist ayen; and noon is that ascapith thin hoond.

3 Sones of Israel, knowleche ye to the Lord, and herye ye hym in the siyt of hethene men;

4 for herfor he scateride you among hethene men, that knowen not God, that ye telle out his merueils, and make hem to wite, that noon othere God is almyyti outakun hym.

5 He chastiside vs for oure wickidnessis; and he schal saue vs for his mercy.

6 Therfor biholde ye, what thingis he hath do with you, and knouleche ye to hym with drede and tremblyng; and enhaunse ye the kyng of worldis in youre werkis.

7 Forsothe Y in the lond of my caitifte schal knouleche to hym; for he schewide his maieste on a synful folc.

8 Therfor, synneris, be ye conuertid, and do ye riytfulnesse bifor God, and bileue ye, that he schal do his merci with you.

9 Sotheli Y and my soule schulen be glad in hym.

10 Alle chosun of the Lord, blesse ye hym; make ye the daies of gladnesse, and knouleche ye to hym.

11 Jerusalem, the citee of God, the Lord hath chastisid thee for the werkis of thin hondis.

12 Knouleche thou to God in thi goodis, and blesse thou God of worldis, that he bilde ayen in thee his tabernacle, and ayen clepe to thee alle thi prisoneris; and that thou haue ioie in to alle worldis of worldis.

13 Thou schalt schyne with briyt liyt, and alle the coostis of erthe schulen worschipe thee.

14 Naciouns schulen come fro fer to thee, and thei schulen brynge yiftis, and schulen worschipe the Lord in thee, and thei schulen haue thi lond in to halewyng;

15 for thei schulen `clepe in thee the grete name.

16 And thei schulen be cursid, that dispisen thee, and thei schulen be dampned, that blasfemen thee; and thei schulen be blessid, that bilden thee.

17 Forsothe thou schalt be glad in thi sones, for alle schulen be blessid, and schulen be gaderid togidere to the Lord.

18 Blessid ben alle that louen thee, and that han ioie on thi pees.

19 My soule, blesse thou the Lord, for `oure Lord God hath delyuered Jerusalem, his citee, fro alle tribulaciouns therof.

20 Y schal be blessid, if the relikis of my seed schulen be to se the clerenesse of Jerusalem.

21 The yatis of Jerusalem schulen be bildid of saphire and smaragde, and of preciouse stoon; al the cumpas of wallis therof schal be of white and clene stoon.

22 Alle the stretis therof schulen be strewid; and alleluya, `that is, the heriyng of God, schal be sungun bi the stretis therof.

23 Blessid be the Lord, that enhaunside it, that his rewme be on it in to worldis of worldis. Amen.