Tobit 10

1 Sotheli whanne Tobie made tariyngis for `the cause of weddyngis, `Tobie his fadir was angwisched, seiynge, Gessist thou, whi my sone tarieth, ethir whi he is `witholdun there?

2 Gessist thou, whether Gabelus is deed, and no man yeldith to hym the monei?

3 `Forsothe he bigan to be `sorie ful myche, and Anne, his wijf, with hym; and bothe bigunnen to wepe togidere, for her sone turnede not ayen to hem `in the dai set.

4 Therfor his modir wepte with teeris withouten remedie, and seide, Alas to me! my sone, whi senten we thee a pilgrimage, the liyt of oure iyen, the staf of oure eelde, the solace of oure lijf, the hope of oure eiris?

5 We hadden alle thingis togidere in thee oon, and ouyte not leete thee go fro vs.

6 To whom Tobie seide, Be stille, and nyle thou be troblid; oure sone is hool; thilke man is feithful ynow, with whom we senten hym.

7 Forsothe sche myyte not be coumfortid in ony maner, but ech dai sche `skippide forthe, and lokide aboute, and cumpasside alle the weies, bi whiche the hope of `comyng ayen was seyn, to se hym comynge afer, if it myyte be doon.

8 And sotheli Raguel seide to `the hosebonde of his douytir, Dwelle thou here, and Y schal sende a messanger of helthe `of thee to Tobie, thi fadir.

9 To whom Tobie seide, Y knowe, that my fadir and my modir rekynen now the daies, and her spirit is turmentid in hem.

10 And whanne Raguel preiede Tobie with many wordis, and he `nolde here Raguel bi ony resoun, Raguel bitook to hym Sare, and half `the part of al his catel, in children and damysels, in the scheep and camels, and in kiyn, and in myche monei; and he delyueride fro hym silf Tobie saaf and ioiynge,

11 and seide, The hooli aungel of the Lord be in youre weie, and brynge you sounde, and fynde ye alle thingis riytfuli aboute youre fadir and modir,

12 and myn iyen se youre sones, bifor that Y die. And the fadir and modir token `her douyter, and kissiden hir,

13 and leeten hir go, and monestiden hir to onour the fader and modir of hir hosebonde, to loue the hosebonde, to reule the meynee, to gouerne the hows, and to schewe hir self vnrepreuable.