2 Maccabees 13

1 In the hundrid and nyne and fourtithe yeer Judas knew, that Antiok Eupator cam with multitude ayens Judee;

2 and with hym cam Lisias, procuratour and souereyn of offices, hauynge with hym an hundrid and ten thousynde of foot men, and of horse men fyue thousynde, and olifauntis two and twenti, charis with sithis thre hundrid.

3 Forsothe and Menelaus ioynede hym to hem, and with greet desseit bisouyte Antiok, not for heelthe of the cuntre, but hopynge that he schulde be ordeyned in to prinshod.

4 But the kyng of kyngis reiside the willis of Antiok ayens the synnere; and whanne Lisyas schewide that he was cause of alle yuels, he comaundide, as custom is to hem, hym takun for to be slayn in the same place.

5 Sotheli in the same place was a tour of fifti cubitis, hauynge on ech side a gaderyng of aische; this was biholdynge in to a diche.

6 Fro thennus he comaundide the sacrilegere, `ether cursid man, for to be caste doun in to aische, whanne alle men puttiden forth hym to the deth.

7 And bi siche lawe it bifelle the brekere of lawe for to die, nether Menelaus for to be youun to erthe.

8 And forsothe iustly ynowy; for whi for he dide many trespassis ayens the auter of God, whos fier and aische was hooli, he was dampned in the deth of aische.

9 But the kyng with out bridil in mynde, cam to schewe hym worse to Jewis, than his fadir.

10 And whanne these thingis weren knowun, Judas comaundide the puple, that bi nyyt and dai thei schulden clepe to help the Lord; that as euere more, also now he schulde helpe hem;

11 whiche sotheli dredden for to be priuyd of lawe, and cuntree, and hooli temple; and that he suffride not the puple, that a while gon hadde a litil quykid ayen, for to be suget eftsoone to blasfeme naciouns.

12 Therfor whanne alle men diden togidere that thing, and axiden merci of the Lord with wepyng, in fastyngis bi alle thre daies, and kneliden, Judas monestide hem for to make hem redi.

13 Forsothe he with eldre men thouyte for to go out, bifore that the kyng mouede oost to Judee, and gat the citee, and to bitake the ende of the thing to the dom of the Lord.

14 Therfor he yaf power of alle thingis to God, makere of nouyt of the world, and monestide hise for to fiyte strongli, and stonde til to the deth, for lawis, temple, citee, cuntre, and citeseyns; and he ordeynede the oost aboute Modyn.

15 And whanne a tokene was youun to hise of victorie of God, he chees the strengeste yonge men, and bi niyt he asailide the kyngis halle in tentis, and he slow fourtene thousynde men, and the moste of olifauntis, with these that weren put aboue.

16 And thei filliden the tentis of enemyes with hiyeste drede and disturblyng, and whanne these thingis weren don `in prosperite, thei wenten awei.

17 Forsothe this was don in the dai liytynge, for the proteccioun of the Lord helpide hym.

18 But whanne the kyng hadde takun taast of hardynesse `of Jewis bi craft, he asaiede hardynessis of places; and mouede the tentis to Bethsura,

19 that was a strong hold of Jewis; but he was dryuun hurtlide and menusid.

20 Forsothe to these that weren with ynne, Judas sente nedeful thingis.

21 Forsothe Rodochus, sum of the oost of Jewis, telde out priuetees to enemyes; which was souyt, and takun, and prisoned.

22 Eftsoone the kyng hadde word to hem that weren in Bethsura, and yaf the riythond, and resseyuede, and wente awei. He ioynede batel with Judas, and Judas was ouercomun.

23 Forsothe as he knew that Filip hadde rebellid at Antiochie, which was left on nedis, he was astonyed in mynde, and bisouyte Jewis, and was suget to hem, and swoor of alle thingis, of whiche it was seyn iust; and he was recounselid, and offride sacrifice, and worschipide the temple, and puttide yiftis.

24 He biclippide, `ether kisside, Machabeus, and made hym prince and duyk fro Tolomaida til to Garreyns.

25 Sotheli as he cam to Tolomaida, men of Tolomaida baren greuousli acordyng of frendschip, and hadde indignacioun, leste perauenture thei wolden breke pees.

26 Thanne Lisias stiede vp in to the dom place, and expownede resoun, and ceeside the puple, and turnyde ayen to Antiochie; and in this maner the kingis goynge out and turnynge ayen wenten forth.